Delux Smores- The Red Headed Hostess

When I am having family or friends over for dinner, every once in a while, I like to have an interactive part of the menu.  Something where they get to create their own dish – something that is an activity in itself – something that is fun AND yummy – something like this.
Deluxe smores.    Kids and adults will like this.  But especially kids.
Lay out on the table the basic ingredients for smores.  I used chocolate chips because I wanted to put out different types of chocolate.
And people are less likely to eat all of the chocolate before you get started.
Like my husband.
Then add some other delux ingredients.  Like white chocolate…. bananas…..
Fresh raspberries
Chocolate hazlenut spread…. peanut butter… caramel
Think of all your options.  You could use toffee, pretzels, other berries, crushed nuts, candybars sliced up….
Then let the creations begin
I noticed that the hazlenut spread was a big winner
This activity even occuppied a busy, busy 6 year old for a good 15 minutes.  Success!
This would be good just like this.  mmmmmmm.
As people create, have them place their graham crackers on a cookie sheet
Then cook on LOW in your grill or oven.  If you cook at a high temperature your crackers will burn on the bottom.
Trust me.
Then bring back your smores to the table and watch everyone’s eyes light up.

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