Quesadilla Loving- The Red Headed Hostess

This is one of my favorite recipes to make

Especially when I am having a crowd over.

SO yummy, totally customizable and interactive.

This is a total crowd pleaser!

I start by putting out several toppings.


  • bbq pork or chicken (I just buy the kind in the tubs.  1 tub will make about 6 quesadillas)
  • corn
  • cilantro
  • cheese
  • sauteed mushrooms, red onions and red pepper
  • Grilled steak
  • And whatever else your heart desires…

You just lay all of these guys out and let people make their own version of what they want


Yours may look like this.


But mine would look like this.  I would want the bbq pork or chicken.

Except there isn’t any cilantro on this.  I would want that.


AND I have a secret.   The secret that makes these SO YUMMY.

First, butter the outside of the tortillas that are going to go on the grill.

But that isn’t the secret.


I have a quesadilla maker.  You don’t need to have one – you can just use a large frying pan.  But this guy has certainly been worth the purchase.

But that isn’t the secret either.

The secret is this:


The cheese fries and takes on a completely different flavor than melted cheese.

It is a totally gourmet taste.  To die for.


Then put your quesadilla on and then top with a little more cheese


And you end up with this beauty.


Then just cut up and serve.

Your family will jump for joy.

And if you like your teenagers to hang out at your home.  Have quesadilla night with their friends once a month.  No one will miss it.


  1. Hi Shannon…I just have to say a big THANKS for all you do in regards to posting all your hard work with anything scripture related! You are an anwser to my prayers on how can better understand and apply them to my own life and to my kids! I was searching helpful ideas for scripture reading for my son who is in Seminary and found your blog….I cried with joy as I read thru your posts! I feel Heavenly Father answered my prayer…again…through someone else! Thanks you so much and have printed off everything you have to print off:) and can’t wait for more!! Have an amazing Day!

  2. Do you have old testament helps from samuel-malachi? We are about to begin 2 Samuel.
    Your site is absolutely awesome!!!

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