You Know You Aren’t Home Enough When…

We haven’t been home much lately…

I just posted and told you all about our latest business venture, and so we tend to walk out of this door in the morning when it is still dark outside

and we walk back in… when it is dark again.

So you can imagine my surprise

When I was out sweeping my front porch

wondering why it had moss and sticks all over it…

And… can you see it?  Look closely in the picture above.

Can you see it?



A robin (we think)… perfectly placing its nest on my wreath.

How did he (or she)  know that I thought about putting a nest on it?

So what a lovely decorating partner he (or she) is.  However, my husband burst my bubble when he said:  “you know we aren’t home enough when a bird can build its nest on your front porch”

Hmmm….  perhaps we need to re-evaluate.


I just have one question.

Do robin’s attack  if they think your front porch is really their’s?

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  1. I had a robin build a nest in my front door wreath… I was so worried about it, and didn’t want to disturb her. I called whoever I could think of who might know, and came to the conclusion that if I moved it she MIGHT continue to use it. (I was worried that the opening and shutting of the door that my kids did a million times a day would hurt the eggs and/or the babies if they made it that far). Anyway, she abandoned the nest, and I was so sad. I hope your nest experience goes better!

  2. We had the same thing happen to our front door. It was so fun to watch the mother bird watch over her eggs. One day the eggs hatched. It was fun until those cute little baby birds began to grow. As they grew the amount of bird droppings at our front door was not so cute anymore. We were so glad to see those baby birds fly off so we could finally hose off our front door and porch.

  3. We had one at our house too. The Mama bird layed eggs and was taking such good care of them. Then one day our home teachers came for a visit. They poked at the eggs with their fingers. So sad! The mama left and never came back….

  4. Hi Shannon,
    It’s Vickie, who used to live in your house. I had some starlings start to build a nest on my front light fixture a few years back. They would attack. I called a few places to get advice. They told me that it was against the law to disturb the nest of a bird and that they would go away in the fall. Well, I just ignored that advise. I couldn’t have everyone who came to my door being attacked by starlings. Before the nest was complete I put some toothpicks poking out the top of a shoebox contraption over the light. They didn’t want to land on the poky surface and gave up on the nest. I noticed some starlings checking out my wreath on my door this year. I removed the wreath for a couple of days and they haven’t returned. I don’t mind the robins although I’m not sure I’d want them nesting on my front porch. We have a birdbath in the back yard and it’s real entertaining to watch the robins splash around taking a bath. I enjoy checking out your blog. It’s so fun to see my old yard and my in-laws old place. It brings back fond memories. I hope you will be at the family reunion in August so we can meet. <3 Vickie

    1. Vickie- what a crazy story! how clever to use the toothpicks. I haven’t heard about the family reunion in August but I’m sure we will be there! Looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

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