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A question that will change who you are - you will be a better person after reading this! GREAT for New Year's too!


“What would a woman in Zion be like?”

That is a question that runs through my mind a lot.  As I try to weigh my personal behavior, things I need to improve upon, start doing, stop doing…  I think about a woman of Zion, and it helps me to see more clearly.  “What kind of a neighbor would she be?” or “what would she do when her daughter dumps all of her goldfish crackers all over the floor and then steps on them?”  I think about a righteous women in Zion and it helps me to immediately see what more righteous behavior would look like, and then I can try to emulate it.  It helps me act rather than react.

So, as the New Year was approaching, I started thinking about this question and how I could become more like a woman of Zion in 2014.  And then I remembered a book I saw in the Deseret Book catalogue and I went right to a nearby store and picked up the book “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” by Wendy Watson Nelson.

I LOVE this book.  I really, really love it.  I really, really, REALLY love it.

amazing book! This article tells you about the book and gives you great ideas of how you can become a more holy woman!

I expected it to be a large book in the $25 range, but it isn’t – it is only about 50 pages – and is only $10.99.  I found that to be a great value to me because I have received SO much from this book – and I read it in one short sitting. By the way, the e-book is on sale right now for $3.99 – you can find it HERE.

Sister Nelson starts the book by talking about the plaque on every temple that says “Holiness to the Lord”, and then relates that to ourselves – and how can we live lives worthy of having that saying upon us.  After all, we are told to practice holiness continually (D&C 46:33).  So she took this idea and emailed several friends and asked them to participate in a 3 day experiment where they take specific tasks in their day and ask “what would a holy woman do?” and try to be holy while doing it.

So, for example, some questions that you may face in your day are:

– How would a holy woman handle or avoid conflict?

– How would a holy woman handle a chore that she doesn’t like doing?

– How would a holy woman prioritize her day?

– How would a holy woman get all of her children out of the door on time?

– How would a holy woman pray?

– What would a holy woman watch, read or listen to?

– How would a holy woman get her children to practice their instruments or do their homework?

– How would a holy woman handle a tantrum?

– How would a holy woman act when she is accused, underestimated, or misunderstood?

– How would a holy woman act when someone else’s child succeeds over her own child?

– How would a holy woman teach, and prepare to teach, her children?

– What would a holy woman put into her body, and how would she keep it healthy?  Why would she do so?

I imagine that the further one gets into the experiment, the answers to the questions above may change and become more and more holy.   One thing I really like about this book is that Wendy Watson Nelson shares several stories of what happened to people who tried this experiment.  I related with every single one of them –  I think I bookmarked half of the pages!

I was so impacted by this book, that I decided to tell you all about it and invite you to, if you would like, to take upon this experiment yourself.  I plan on doing it for far more than 3 days.  Although, I must warn you that it is very enlightening.  I see things I am doing well, and many more things that I need to improve upon.  It would be easy to get down on yourself, but that is when we really need to apply the question “what would a holy woman do?” and recognize that change and progress are worth a lot of effort, and we are in mortality to overcome the natural man – not dwell on the fact that we are one.  🙂

I recommend that you get this book as soon as you can – there are many chapters that can help you apply this question to your life.  However, you can take on this experiment without the book if you cannot afford it right now.

* By the way, this is one of the reasons I also LOVE the book “52 Life-Changing Questions From the Book of Mormon” by John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox. A good question is a really powerful teacher and they take 52 questions asked in the Book of Mormon and apply them to our lives. It is another book with impact! Plus it will fill your arsenal of tools to teach your children with questions you could use to help them have some powerful teaching moments themselves. A good question is impossible to measure because it stays in the heart and helps us act.

I have some printouts that you can print, cut out, and put in key places to help you remember the question, “What would a holy woman do?”

Free printables to put up around your home and inspire you to be a more holy woman

Here is the PDF:  What would a holy woman do Printout

become a more holy woman

I scattered these around my home.  I put one by my bed and another on my bulletin board in the kitchen.

By the way – that temple painting is by Mary Romrell.  That was an amazing wedding gift years ago!

Becoming a more holy woman

I also put on on the television, and another in my wallet.

I have been surprised that as I have gotten deeper into this experiment I am seeing, feeling, and understanding things in entirely new ways.

I will be keeping a journal of my own experience, and there are several authors who I have asked to write about this topic – so you will be getting lots of help along the way.

And PLEASE email me any significant experiences you have.  I would LOVE to hear them!  [email protected]

* Note – I am not getting paid in any way for this review of this book.  I just really, really love it!




24 thoughts on “Becoming a More Holy Woman in 2014- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. oh. my. goodness!!! I am so incredibly glad to see this post. I gave this book as gifts for Christmas. I LOVED it that much as well. This is the perfect addition to one of the most simple and inspired challenges. This is my focus for 2014. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this post! Sunday in Sunday School we had talked about something very similar to this, and it had renewed my desire to be more pure in heart. This goes right along with it. It was perfect timing.

  3. Fabulous! I downloaded the ebook already and read it!! It’s a short read but so incredibly powerful. Thank you for the print outs they will be very useful!!! A wonderful way to start the new year to help make a new me!!

  4. Shannon does it again! I cannot tell you just how happy I am that you did this post. I’m not the usual “self help” type person when it comes to books and that is exactly how I would have saw this book. I am SO going out to get it ASAP! And I will most likely grab the 52 Life Changing Questions From the Book of Mormon as well. I can’t WAIT! AND I just got a new calling with the Relief Society (still have my girls camp director calling thank goodness! Sorry I didn’t end up getting the journals you offered me for camp…ran out of time and money). Might just incorporate this into a RS activity 😉

  5. Thanks Shannon…you always have fun ideas!! I have the ebook now thanks to you. Otherwise I would of never seen this book! This will be my New Years Goal…to read the book…and then ask What would a Holy Woman do!

  6. Shannon… our sisters are going to be studying… Becoming His (much like what would a holy woman do) and we will be looking at the attributes of Christ as we see them in Preach My Gospel. Do you have anything that might work for a journal or study guide that would fit with this?

  7. I bought this book eight months ago. It looked interesting, i took it home put it on my desk and never opened it. I read your post, picked up the book, read it in less than an hour, reread your post and then I started thinking…… I knew I had much to change! To say the least.

    For a week now I have been living and reacting to life differently, there is a common thought through out my day “what would a holy woman do” it has changed much of what I do.

    I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your post. Thank you!!!

  8. Thank you for the terrific post and book recommendation! I just downloaded and read the book and had so many thoughts occur to me that I’ve started writing them down. I only came to your blog a couple of days ago and am inspired. Thank you!!

  9. Thanks for the post…I do a personal theme for the year every year and I couldn’t decide what to do this year…after all, i have had many a years by now….after reading your article and then linking to the book and purchasing an e-book, I now have My 2014 theme. Becoming a more holy women. Also thanks for the print outs, I laminated them and are putting them around the house and in my office at work.

  10. Thank you for such a great referral. I downloaded the book and already read half of it and marked all my favorite parts. It is already making a difference in my thoughts and actions today.

    Whenever I need a pick me up I know that I can come to your site and find exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  11. I read this when you first posted it, bought and read the ebook and got crazy busy and forgot about it. I read your update this week and determined to join the challenge. I printed out the visual aids (thanks so much) and put them in places where I spend a lot of my time. I even took a photo of the poster and I’m using it as my screen saver on my phone. I’m hoping I will think twice before mindlessly wasting time on my phone!
    I’m rereading the book and pondering where I’m at.
    Thanks for your thoughts, printables and encouragement. You are awesome!

  12. So I,m late but I just found this post and was real interested so I went and got the book WOW, I,m so excited and I printed off the printables and im reading the book now I,ll keep you posted…. EXCITED.

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