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Isn’t that exciting?

… I would be JUST as excited for a boy – but its just great to finally know.  Well, kind of know… Apparently I have a modest baby… which is just fine with me.  Except my doctor gave me a 75% chance that its a girl, so my sister is calling her a GIR. So, naturally, I am now thinking of names – and conveniently (or not…) my sister caught FIRE with Elder Bednar’s talk and she, along with her daughters, have totally gone head first into my family line and she is sending me pages and pages of texts of family names for me to choose from.


“Some girl family names I’m running into on our side that you can consider for your GIR: Nancy, Gertrude, Idrus, Hettie, Hetta, Joaney, Tishey, Polly, Mary Jane, Matilda, Betz, Big Nance, Judia, Judith, Julia, Saybra, Red Mart, Hannah … and others to follow.


“Found more names for your GIR: Goldie, Lemmie, Lizzie, Nettie, Mable, Maude, Ada, Bessie, Adella, Addie, Clora, Effie, Bertha, Hazel, Sintha, Allice, Tipton, Dosha, Fannie, Ethel, Ewowa, and Elsie.”


“Wow.  You have lots of time to text.  I think Ewowa is the one.”


“…Lucretia, Chloe, Mahana, Perlina”   Hmmmm…. what do you all think about “Big Nance?  or Red Mart?  or Saybra?????

So here is my question for all you Mamas…

How accurate were your declarations of whether your little guy or girl was really a little guy or girl? … I mean what are the chances my GIR is a Boy?


  1. My 2 girls were both maybes. My boy was definitely a boy. But, I wouldn’t paint the nursery pink just yet.
    I vote for Ethel. It’s my Grandma’s name and my 14 year old’s middle name. She would love more adorable red heads with the name Ethel.

  2. oh my! my third baby was like this, and after 5 sonograms we still could not find the gender. she was stubborn and refused to move her legs! so i waited for delivery to find out, but it was a wonderful wait and a wonderful surprise! and even after 5 years, she’s still stubborn! ☺

    every time i did get the doctor to see and make a declaration of the baby’s gender, he was always right on. two boys, three girls. whew, and we are done.

    congrats on your GIR! can’t wait to hear the name…. ☺

  3. My first was definitely girl on the ultrasound and is a girl. The second was 90% sure a girl on the ultrasound and is a girl. The third was most definitely a boy on the ultrasound and is a boy. But my friend had two ultrasounds that said her baby (fourth after three boys) was another boy. Then on the third ultrasound the tech said most definitely a girl and she is a girl! I have always felt more peace once we knew the gender and had chosen a name. Good luck! It’s such an exciting time.

  4. My girl, was a girl. I knew she was even before they said so at our scan.

    I laughed when I read through those names because she gets called “Lemmie” by my sister. Short for “little Emily”. I’m so happy for you and your hubby. Emily was our miracle/blessing after 11 years of struggle and heartache. I hope your little bundle is just as joyous.

  5. Congratulations on a girl!

    Of my 4 pregnancies, only 1 baby was wrong (multiple ultrasounds as well). I was told she was a boy several times, but she was surprise.

    Choosing names for us was a huge process. We wanted our children to have meaningful names as well as lovely.

  6. Well I was told my little one was a girl, and she was. I didn’t think I’d want to know the sex of my baby, but once I found out it really helped me bond with her a lot more-now instead of calling the baby it, we could call her by her name.

  7. We found out with only four of our nine. The ultrasounds were right every time. I made sure they quadruply checked when they said boy for child #7 (and our first boy). It was fun both ways – knowing and not knowing.

    Choosing names is one of the hardest things! Not only do you want to choose an appropriate one, you also have to mesh your tastes with your husband’s, make sure the first/middle names flow well with the last name, etc. etc. I don’t think one can ever go wrong with family names. 🙂

  8. With our first they said they were very sure she was a girl but it was about the same percentage you were told- and they were right!
    With our second they said 95% sure and again were right.
    Both girls!
    I have only heard of a few people that were told girl and had a boy. I did nanny for a family when I was younger and they were told their third was a boy and it was a girl!
    Good luck and congratulations!

  9. Congrats.

    Back in the day when I had 6 kids, we were not told the gender( incase it was not right and we might sue the doctor) so our, all of them were a suprise. But I can tell you that sometimes you pick a name and you see the baby and the name just doesn’t seem to fit the little one. So after the 1st one we had a couple of names picked out that we really liked. just in case.
    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy all of it…. and have a great time… they grow up way to fast..

  10. Congratulations! Wendy is my current favorite girl name. But we went with all family names. You can’t go wrong with those! Ok, maybe you can with a couple of them… 🙂

  11. My sister-in-law had a boy after three ultrasounds said ‘ girl’. She had taken all the tags off everything, even the blessing dress, and the nursery was pink. It’s rare, but it happens. My doctor said he delivers about one a year that is wrong. I think those are pretty good odds.

  12. I had 3 boys and the ultrasounds were very clear on that! With my 4th, they -thought- it was a girl, but said that if I bought anything pink- save the reciept! Ack!!! I just kind of assumed it would be another boy, since we seemed to be good at that. But it was a redheaded daughter! I was thrilled. 🙂
    I did have a friend that was told she was having a girl and suprise- it was a boy. She now has serveral totes full of girl stuff awaiting a future girl. 😉
    Congratulations, it is so exciting being a first time mom!

  13. How fun!!! After many years of trying, we were blessed with our first little boy – hubby asked at the unltrasound ‘what am I looking at?’ tech responded ‘a club and two golf balls’ and the tech was right. Our second was not as clear but still was correct through all the ‘uncertainty’ and well number three was definately a girl as that was through genetic testing (one could say cheating I suppose but it was done for other reasons). We still made sure that we had boy and girl names chosen for each and every one just in case. Congradulations and lets hope the pregnancy only gets better from here! God bless.

  14. So exciting! LOL! Your family sounds like mine – love it. 🙂

    Of my five children – three girls and two boys…in that order – only the girls were questions. Our second daughter was more modest and difficult – the tech was 80 – 95% sure that she was a girl. I went to the hospital with an outfit for both genders — but she was a girl after all. 😀

    Have fun looking at names and baby things! It’s a wonderful, exciting time!

    (They tried to convince us that ‘Wilma Wilhemina Wilhelm’ was the perfect name…ah, fun times)!

  15. Congratulations! I’m so new to your blog that I didn’t even realize that you are pregnant. That’s exciting.

    As for accuracy… the ultrasound techs were spot on with my first four (G, G, G, B) and then the last one was a 75% chance that it was a boy. Baby was a wiggly little thing and wouldn’t sit still. My husband and I kept watching the video clip over and over and over again and looking at the pics over and over and over again trying to confirm what baby #5 was. WE were convinced after all that looking and watching that the tech was wrong. We were sure it was a girl. A boy would be more obvious!

    Luckily, I got to have a second ultrasound because I measured a little small (that never happens for me) at my very next appointment. And that time it was confirmed to be a boy!

    So, I’d say, chances are good that it’s girl. But what do I know. I thought my boy was a girl. 😉

    I think there are definitely some cute names on your sister’s list. Some not so much. I could have named mine Rasmina (family name)… interesting, eh?

  16. All four of my ultra sound predictions were correct. All four have family names. My husband and I alternated giving them a family name. My third child was a boy and my turn so he got my maiden name. He has my favorite name by far!! THe kids love haveing a story about their name. It connects them to the family. I HIGHLY recommend it!! Don’t think Big Nance is advisable. That story maybe too much for your GIR:)

  17. My cousin had a high-risk pregnancy and had 5 ultrasounds, all saying it was a girl. She painted the nursery pink, washed all the darling pink clothes from the shower, and chose beautiful girl names. They were all surprised when the baby came and was a boy! Their dear neighbors painted the nursery and purchased some newborn boy clothes while she was still in the hospital.

  18. I’m so excited for you! I had an ultrasound with 6 of my 8 babies and all were 100% correct. Have fun with the name. A sweet memory of naming a child is when my 7 year old son came running up after primary and said “Mom, we have to name the baby Nephi! He was soooo cool mom, I mean, he did really cool stuff!” It was adorable. However we didn’t name the baby Nephi, we named her Michelle. Ha ha…enjoy!

  19. Ack! How did i miss that you were pregnant? Congratulations!! I have twin boys and it was very clear. 😉 I think it’s easier to be 100% sure with boys, after all. I’m so excited for you – and honestly, I would seriously consider Mahana for your daughter – it’s a classic. Haha. 🙂

  20. …Samantha, Lezina, Delila, Aretta, Lucinda, Serena, Caroline, Dicey, Alisee, Teritha, Mary, Susannah….

    But I agree with you. Ewowa is the one for sure! Nancy is a close second; because we could call her “Little Nance” when she’s a baby and “Big Nance” when she grows up.

  21. Six pregnancy, six correct ultrasounds. As long as it was a 20 week ultrasound and not a 14 week, the odds are correct. You just need to convince your OB to give you another viewing in a few weeks!

  22. My first was “probably” a girl, about 80%, I think. But he was a boy. 🙂 My third was “probably” a girl, 90%, and she was a girl. 🙂

  23. Boys are pretty obvious. I have one of those crazy creatures at my house and he wasn’t modest in the ultrasound at all. The ultra sound lady said “do you want to know which you are having?” I am pretty sure we all said it’s a boy at the same time. 🙂 I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who’s ultrasound was wrong-at least since my kiddo was born a decade ago. I really need a girl…or a boy. I just need another one…or 4.

  24. When I had my ultrasound, there was absolutely no question that the baby was a boy–no modesty at all! 😀 And yeah, I’d definitely go for Big Nance.

  25. We didn’t peek on the first three; we waited until they were born. My husband made the prediction for each and was correct. Before the ultra sound on the last one when we decided that we would peek, he said that sometimes he thought it was a boy, other times he thought it was a girl. Turns out–boy/girl set of twins! Would you like him to stop by and see what he thinks with yours??

    We used family names on all five children. I love that it gives them someone to connect to in their family history. We went for unique, but not weird. [Clora, Tipton–unique. Bertha, Idrus, Big Mart, Ewowa–a little weird] 🙂

    (PS Love your blog & congratulations on the baby!)

  26. The ultrasound tech that did all 4 of ours (and was right every time – 4 girls!) said she’s been doing it for over 20 years and has only been wrong twice. Once she was completely wrong, the second time she said that the baby had both parts; so she was only partitally wrong. Congratulations on your baby – fun and exciting times!!!

  27. I absolutely knew my first born was a boy. I knew it and bought boy clothes before we had the ultrasound. I was right. I was fairly confident that my second was a girl but the doctor gave me a 95% chance of a girl since she was being modest. She was a girl. My third I knew was a boy. I was wrong. She was a girl. There is an old wives tale that if you are unable to eat sweets, you are having a girl. So I would say there is a good chance of having a girl. (I do believe I read that you weren’t able to eat sweets so far). Congratulations!

  28. My first they couldn’t tell…. but apparently as I ran to the bathroom the tech told my hubby 80% girl. She was a girl. The other 2 were obvious, on boy one girl and they were what they reported to be.

  29. My fabulous doctor, who was always right, told me that sometimes they grow, but rarely fall off. (Also known as, once a turtle, always a turtle…) I think it just depends on who does the ultrasound!

  30. Congrats! We’ve got 2 girls and a boy…all ultrasounds were correct. For our firstborn, we wanted her name to have something to do with Alaska (since that’s where my husband served his mission and I had family connections there)… we spent quite a lot of time pouring over his Alaska state map…and laughing at all the names that we would never name our little girl. Finally, we stumbled across the right one. The journey to picking the right name can be fun and sometimes a little frustrating, but once it’s HERS you won’t be able to imagine her by any other name 🙂

    I absolutely love your blog. It lifts me up. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas.

  31. Congratulations! We are so happy for you. We waited a long time for our first, too, so we know how exciting it is to finally have a cherished, much hoped for baby. Whatever this baby turns out to be, he/she is so blessed to have you for parents. My mom and I have loved your blog for about a year. Just a few weeks ago my mom told me she saw that you had struggled to have kids of your own. I remember thinking to myself something like: “Heavenly Father must be so proud of what she has done with her time. She has improved herself (and others) and she is such a beautiful, spiritual, knowledgeable person. Whether in the eternities or during this life, she will one day make a remarkable mother.” This baby must really be someone special to get to be raised by you.

  32. The doctor was 85% sure that my last baby was going to be a girl. In the last trimester I had to have an ultrasound every week so we did find out that she was actually a he. I was happy because I have difficult pregnancies and knew I had to have a boy before I could stop. So this was an answer to my prayer. About the name we picked out Benjamin mainly because it was the only one we could agree on. Well when he came out we looked at each other and said it’s a Joshua not a Benjamin! So you never know! Good luck on your new baby. Let the Spirit guide you. because he knows best!

  33. We chose to be surprised for my first, but I had a client at my job who claimed to be psychic tell me I was having a boy…she was right. For #’s 2,3,& 4…all ultrasounds were correct. Although my girl (#3) was modest also…we didn’t get a definite til my next appointment a month later. However, she is almost 3 yrs old & no longer quite so modest….she loves to streak through the house when I try to get her dressed :/ We really need to work on that…lol! Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy & planning.

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