Are You Looking for a Good Laugh? The Red Headed Hostess

It is the middle of the week…

And I think we could all use a good laugh.


lets share some of our embarassing or funny moments…

I’ll start:

One day I was teaching seminary and I was sitting on a stool with my podium (which is on wheels) right in front of me. I know I had the scriptures open and some papers on the podium… and likely some pens, pencils… oh and I had a cup of dirt. I think I was teaching Moses 6:35. Well…

I went to cross my legs, and somehow that threw me off balance so I grabbed onto the podium to steady myself and the next thing I knew, the entire podium was falling over with me, and I guess I cried out “I’m going down!”… And down I went. Dirt all over, papers scattered everywhere, and me holding onto my skirt rather than bracing my fall… modesty ruled in that moment.

There were some very gentlemanly young men sitting in the front and their first response was to jump up and start cleaning up all of the scattered items… including me. When I looked up at my stunned and silent class, I said, “you can laugh!” And laugh they did. And laughed and laughed…. until the bell rang. And then they laughed out in the hall, all through lunch and I think they are still laughing.

Over five years later, and even being at a different school, I STILL have students say, “Tell us about the time you fell over in class!”



  1. Oh funny! Reminds me of an elderly lady who fell off her chair in RS. We all gasped and stood up to help, while she laid there laughing her head off. When she finally caught her breath she said, “Well, when you’re round you roll!”

  2. How about the time I was teaching the lesson in Relief Society? I was trying to say “the Nephites are” but it came out as “the Nefarts”! Good times. Good times.

  3. I have a similar story! I am a tutor at Sylvan Learning Center. The teacher sits on a rolling office chair and then you have up to 3 students sitting at your table. I like to sit on the edge of my seat, and one day the chair went right out from underneath me! I fell down and the kids at my table, plus the teachers and students at the other tables in the room all turned to make sure I was ok! I sure had a good laugh about that one! I try to avoid that chair at work now!

  4. That is a great story…

    Well my funny story is when I and all the lds members in my husbands family went to the temple to support his little brother who was preparing to go on a mission. Well after the session I was taking pictures of course and then my sister in law said “your turn to get in the picture” well there was a little bit of a step onto the grass area and I thought I could make it up and as I was stepping up the back of my dress ripped right in front of all my husbands family. I quickly grabbed my skirt and turned around to see everyone trying really REALLY hard not to laugh. Then my husband ran to the car, pulled it up front, I changed into jeans and then took family pictures. I didn’t quite want my brother in law to have that memory for his first time through the temple.

  5. It was my first day teaching the Beehives and I was sitting on my chair and leaned over to shut the door and I tipped completely over. I couldn’t stop laughing. They still tease me about. It’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves and with the youth.

  6. The YW & YM were in separate class rooms preparing impromptu skits when I went in one room and said, “times up”, one young woman said “just one more sec…” I loudly said NO Sec.s! Well they all started laughing and I had to laugh and said “yes and I mean that too!”

  7. This happened to me today. So I get an email from Disney titled “Disney Reward Sweepstakes winner/prize claim information!” WoW! And it’s a real email, not a scam! It’s a contest I entered for a trip to Disneyworld. I am so excited and so I open the email. Here is what I won- “Jennifer Thomas- We’re happy to let you know that you’re a winner in the DISNEY MOVIE REWARDS FEEL LIKE A MILLION GIVEAWAY! You’ve won a Disney Character printable sticker and 5 Disney Movie Rewards Points. Congratulations!”
    hahahaha! Who needs a trip to Disneyworld when you’ve got a printable sticker? 😉

  8. The very first distict meeting I attended on my mission we were singing How Firm A Foundation. Our district leader was standing on a folding chair and fell just after we sang How Firm a foundation. We all laughed for weeks.

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