Hannah JOY!

I pulled out my camera to take some pics of Hannah in this darling little outfit.

And her daddy walked in the room.

She does this new thing where she smiles so big that she just opens her mouth really wide

When she started doing it I wondered if she was really tired and was yawning in the midst of her excitement

But it turns out that her smiles are just bursting out of her

It has been so fun to see her middle name fit her perfectly.  Joy.  She has so much of that.

Maybe I will name my next child “Rich”… or “Chef”…. or “Will Take Care of Mom and Dad When They Are Old”.

But one thing is for certain…

We are enjoying her every second of every day.


*  Thank you so much to Toni Allen.  One of my amazing readers who made Hannah this cute little outfit, and a bib, and a burp rag, and a wonderful framed saying for her room, and another onesie.  It was like Christmas when I received that package.  So much love went into that.







7 thoughts on “Hannah JOY!

  1. Oh, how CUTE!!! The outfit is amazing! Hannah Joy looks perfect and snuggly… and very much like her daddy! Love the red hair beginning to grow out now. She is darling!

  2. Adorable! I have a 2 month-old baby girl that started smiling recently- sometimes those smiles are all that get me through the day. I think she is a redhead too and I’m so excited!
    Those socks are so cute too.

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