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We are looking for pictures… your pictures of your journals.

For the next week (so from now until Midnight on November 25th), if you send us pictures we will send you a discount code for our download store!!!!!  So PLEASE send us some!  🙂

If you have any of the following journals we would love to have some of your favorite pages…

1-  Topic or Chapter Scripture Journals

2- Mutual Journals or Adult Study Guides from 2013

3-  The YW Doodle Journal

4-  Names of Christ

5-  Becoming Like My Scripture Hero

If you take the time to take some pages and email them to me ([email protected]) then we may post them on our social media platforms!  (By the way, you may want to save it for the next 2 Nephi chapters study pages – they are going to be awesome and REALLY help you understand and LOVE the Isaiah chapters!).

*  These pictures may be used in future posts to help others see and gain new ideas for personal study

*  Picture hint:  natural light results in the best pictures (with no flash used).  Lay your journal by a window with indirect daylight for best pictures.

Thank you!


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