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It is that time of year again!  Time for the new 2014 mutual theme and Come Follow Me Journals.

Will you take a moment and vote for your favorite boy and girl cover?  (Just leave a comment for your favorites)

If you have teenagers around, do you mind asking them as well?  And please mention in the comments that it is a vote from a youth.

Here are the girls:

2014 mutual theme cover options for girls


And here are the boys:

2014 mutual theme cover options for boys


B4 is a map that extends onto the back cover.


Thanks everyone!  I really appreciate you taking the time!

The journals should be ready by mid-November.

Shannon  🙂

89 thoughts on “Vote on Your Favorite Cover- The Red Headed Hostess

  1. Oh goodie! These journals have made all the difference in our class! We (the teachers) have all mentioned how much better the lessons go because of them and they are AWESOME to have at YWIE!

    I LOVE G4 and B1. But any of them are great!

  2. Yay!!!!! We LOVE these! We have used them for 2 years and my YW are already asking if they get them again.

    G3? Maybe G4? Actually G5 could be good for guys and girls. I like the idea of B4 opening up to a full map.

  3. G4 & G5 are my favorites. I’m a YW president and haven’t asked my girls yet but they’re all great.

    How much will the new journals be? I’d like to get one for each of our girls.

  4. I personally love G2, G3 and B4 (the map is awesome.)
    My teenage daughter liked G5 the best and I agree with the above comment that it would be good for boys and girls.

  5. I love what you are doing for the YM and YW with these wonderful journals. Have you ever thought about helps for the Sunday School end of the youth program? Just wondering. Also I want to thank you for the Book of Mormon journal helps. I have always enjoyed scripture study but now I truly love my studies even more. What a great tool.

    1. Hi Randy!

      These journals are designed to go with both the YM/YW or the Sunday School lessons. The adult study guides that will be out soon also cover both sets of lessons. We also plan on offering other helps for you. Thanks Randy!

      Shannon 🙂

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