My Weekend Adventure: The Red Headed Hostess

Guess what I am doing this weekend…


This is my therapy.

So I thought I would share my stress-relievers with you.

Look at those Dahlias back there.

And the Stock poking his head out.

And the red fuzzy Kangaroo Paw…  I used to use those all of the time in weddings.  They add the most amazing texture!  I figured the same concept would apply in my yard.

I think Lamb’s Ear is one of the best garden additions ever.  The texture is amazing!  And the light, dusty, silvery green shade – perfect to add depth and interest.

And check out that succulent in bottom right corner.  That guy is going in a planter – that is a brilliant creation –  I am happy it exists.

Texture, variety, depth and interest.  Those are important words in my garden design.

These are perhaps the most beautiful petunias I have ever seen.

In fact I think I need some more.

Yep, I do.

This guy is going in a pot too.  Perhaps with those succulents above and those petunias….


And some Potato Vine.   Which… by the way… is one of my FAVORITE plants ever.

I bought several of them so they can be planted in multiples so they just cascade in a giant array of vines.

Years and many phones ago, I was walking by a home decor store and out in front was a tall pot with TONS of potato vine just draping out, and a bunch of curly willow branches sticking out of the top.  It was so  striking and simple that I stopped and snapped a picture.  Which I no longer have… but I have been forever impressed with the possibility of potato vines.


So have a great weekend everyone.  I know I will!

And just in case any of you want to know the secret of having a TON of people talk to you at the grocery store… put a flower basket like this in the top part of your cart.

I made a lot of friends.


  1. There is just something about digging in the dirt and planting beautiful flowers! We bought a bunch to plant today too —– only it is very windy and currently 46 degrees outside. Aarggh! June is in just a few days and we are still having winter type weather. At least the flowers have been adding lots of color and beauty to the inside of our house!

  2. Absolutely LOVE it!!! I can COMPLETELY relate because that’s my therapy too! “That guy is going in a planter – that is a brilliant creation – I am happy it exists.”…. my feelings exactly! Thanks for sharing some happiness…and have fun! =)

  3. Shannon…be sure to take a picture of what it all looks like when it is planted so we can all enjoy the beauty of your labors. Thanks for all you share with us.

  4. Looks like you had a great day. There’s nothing like yard work to give you a sense of accomplishment! I’m excited to see a picture when you are finished!

  5. Hi – i jsut somehow stumbled across this awesome site – fantastic resource – I have been recently called as YW pres and I also love all the FHE and personal study stuff. thankyou for being so generous in sharing your ideas and taking the time out of your life to put them up – Rebecca.

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