Which Window Coverings? The Red Headed Hostess

Thank you so much for everyone’s kinds and encouraging words!

I have been flooded with such wonderful emails and comments throughout the weekend and it has been really great hearing from you.  I read many of your comments to my husband and we are just so overcome by how gracious you all are.  This “blog world” can feel so strange at times, but at the end of the day we are all people sitting at the other sides of our computers.

You all have been so encouraging, and kind, and understanding.  I sort of wish I would have written about this months earlier when I especially needed those words.  I am on the tail end of things now, and feel renewed in so many ways.  But when the going gets tough, you really need each other.

So, on a lighter note…  I have spent the weekend clearing off a layer of dust on everything in my home… and I think I successfully finished ONE room so far (thanks to my mother-in-law).  If you have ever had walls knocked out, dry wall and sheetrock, etc.  in your home – you know what I am talking about.  No matter how many layers of plastic you put up – it finds its way onto every surface, toy, molding…. even our computer keyboard – which we use every day – COVERED in dust.

But I am NOT complaining.  I am thankful for this dust.  We have been dreaming and saving for this new kitchen since we moved into this house and we finally took the leap – so dust is welcome!  🙂



This is a peek of our kitchen this morning.  We are almost functioning!  By the end of today I think I will have my sink and all appliances working!

So… I am going back and forth about what kind of window coverings to use.  The back splash will be white subway tile and nice white molding around the window.

So do I go with white blinds to keep everything white, clean and fresh?  Or do I go with something with more personality?

Here are a few inspiration photos… which is your favorite look?



This photo came from here.

1- White Wood Blinds.

This was my first instinct since this is what is on the windows in the rest of the room. I like how they just kind of disappear and are clean and fresh.  They are also really easy to clean – which is nice for a kitchen.




2-  Natural Shades

I also have these in my joining room to cover our sliding door.  I LOVE them.  I love the texture they bring into the room and how the light filters through.




3- Combined Window Treatments

This photo came from here.

I think this is so charming.  These window treatments really bring a lot of personality without a lot of color.  Plus you can bring light in by rolling up the shades while closing the curtains and still have privacy.




4-  Neutral Relaxed Roman Shades

This photo came from here.

LOVE this look.  I only worry about the practicality of fabric like this in the kitchen – right over a counter!  Could I treat them somehow?




5-  Patterned Roman Shades

This photo came from here.

Again, a fabric.  But what if I had them made with an outdoor fabric?  Such a fun way to bring in some color in an otherwise white kitchen.

If you had to choose one, right now – this very second… which one would you choose?

*You can choose more than one answer if you just can’t decide

15 thoughts on “Which Window Coverings? The Red Headed Hostess

  1. I’m loving the neutral shades – #2 option. I love that they are still light and bright feeling but different than the white blind which is used so so often. 🙂 Good Luck! It sounds so exciting – minus the dust! 🙂

  2. I am always drawn to white/light wood combinations. I’d probably go with blinds in a pine or beech colour. If you go for something neutral it will go with pretty much anything and any splashes of colour you may want to have in the kitchen (accessories, wall hangings etc).

    A splash of colour in front of the window can be a lot of fun too, so my 2nd choice would be a Roman blind (I’m sure you can have Scotchguard your fabric).

    Wishing you a decorating dust free environment soon 🙂

  3. I like option #2. The fact that it brings something from the joining room to bring them together is a bonus. There are almost always wood elements in a kitchen so this would compliment them.
    I’m not sure that about the curtains halfway down the window.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and scripture helps. Your site is amazing and has made my Seminary teaching better.

  4. My only suggestion is something that is easy to clean. I am always amazed at how much gets on window coverings in the kitchen/dining room area! It’s all looking good!

  5. All of them are fun! Unfortunately, the natural shades are the hardest to clean and tend to break easily (get beat looking). Blinds are the easiest to dust (if they are good quality). I don’t know how close they will be to greasy situations but that is another consideration. Last but not least, I will make it obvious how lazy I am by suggesting that I like washable sheers or lace because they are the easiest to clean and can let in plenty of light. (I have them in my kitchen on spring bars. :0)

    Good luck on your project!

  6. I love the look of the white blinds, however in a kitchen I prefer something easier to clean. So something cloth that could be thrown in the wash easily would be most practical.. is that even possible with roman shades? I’ve been lucky and haven’t had backyard neighbors so we didn’t put anything in the kitchen window.

  7. I want that whole look in picture #1! What a gorgeous room! That said, I LOVE the look of Roman shades, whether you do them in neutrals or use them as a splash of color. I would think if you do them in a Sunbrella fabric, they’d be easy to clean, and you can raise them high enough to keep them from getting spotty from a sink. Be that as it may, wood shutters might be easy to clean if you wipe them down daily, but you should keep them high and open if you’re using the faucet much, and protect the cord on whatever you get. I think the bottom line is that whatever is behind the faucet is going to take a beating — you might want to go for something cheap to medium cheap and replace them every five years or so. Ah, entropy! I should have listened better in science and saved myself some money.

  8. Honestly, i love all the window coverings you featured here but i always have a thing for blinds. I find them visually appealing, regardless of the color, they will definitely spruce up your kitchen. Another thing about blinds is that you can easily control how much light will enter the room.

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