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Yesterday I had quite the opportunity…

Myself, along with a few amazing bloggers, were invited to meet at Deseret Book where we met some impressive people who run that great corporation.

What good they do!

We arrived to find a table full of yummy cake balls, courtesy of the Lion House Cookbook… (which by the way, their new cookbook comes out this weekend). And although I have this aversion to sweets (thanks to this little guy/gal growing in my belly), they sent me home with one and I snuck a try… and all I can say is that your family will love you if you make them. The end.

As the meeting progressed, Sheri Dew (CEO of Deseret Book and former 2nd counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency) came in and joined in the meeting. She was just as I expected. She is a powerful, capable, articulate woman with a strong vision and the skills to lead people there. Isn’t that what you would expect? And in case any of you are wondering… she is completely personable. You just want to talk and talk with her. I so appreciate that she has been such a strong voice for the women in the church. I really resonated with her when I first heard her speak – and I have admired her from a distance for years and years.

One of the questions that was asked her was, “how does it feel to be Sheri Dew?” And I just loved her answer. After laughing off the question, she responded that she was proof that the Lord can use anybody. And that if you show him that he can trust you, he will use you. And she works really, really hard to let the Lord know that he can trust her.

I love that.

That is all I want to write about today, because I think that is something we can all think about. I don’t suppose that any of the men who we are about to listen to this weekend, ever thought they would be an Apostle. Nor do I think that Moroni ever thought he would be the last surviving Nephite. We just don’t know how the Lord is going to work miracles in our lives. But one thing is sure… we all have the capacity. And perhaps it is more prideful to say we can’t than to see that we can.


  1. Congrats on the baby! Hope everything goes well.

    I love Sheri Dew’s comment that she works really really hard to let the Lord know he can trust her. Gave me something to mull over this morning.

  2. Thank you for sharing – I needed to hear that today…uplifted my soul and helped me look at things differently – THANK YOU!!!

  3. I love the way you described yesterday and Sheri! So true. It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I especially love the last paragraph. I was so moved hearing her speak on that and it definitely gave me alot to ponder. You have such a confidence about you I was so impressed with! I hope we can keep in touch. Best wishes with your new pregnancy! It is such an exciting time!

  4. Thank you so much for always sharing the good in your life.
    Sheri Dew is one of my favorites. I bought every book she wrote, Listened to every talk i could find and every CD she made. What a wonderful woman.
    I find myself following you in somewhat the same way. You are always so uplifting and give food for thought at the same time being, what is the best way to describe it in my mind? Down to earth maybe. Anyway that is how i read you through your blog. I hope you can keep sharing even though your life is taking on a whole new, and very important role.

  5. I cant begin to tell you how many times your blog has been the answer to a question and the inspiration you have given. Congrats on the new life in your life. I hope you will continue to share the talks we need to read, and the things we need to make sure our families know for sure are true. Thanks for sharing your gospel knowledge. I have used it in RS lessons and yw lessons, and just recently gave my daughter who was called as stake yw pres in a new stake your blog. She has used it also.

  6. I love your ending thoughts on Moroni… and how we allow our pride-fullness to get in the way of our becoming more than is humanly visible. I have never thought of it as being prideful, in fact just the opposite. I felt it was prideful to aspire to be more than I was… to think that I could be a giant in any respect or field. Yet, as I think about your words, I find that they are true. We become so bent on the worldly idea of pride that our heavenly vision becomes clouded. It is so easy, and Satan works so hard, to loose sight of why we are really here: to become more. More than what we were pre-mortally, more than what this physical form allows… More like our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to know that He see’s me for who I really am, on the inside, and the woman I will become.

  7. You are wonderful! I enjoyed meeting you Wednesday. It was a wonderful meeting, and being ‘personally’ taught by Sister Dew was amazing. I loved every minute of it!

    And I second Jill. Your concluding sentence could be its own “one liners” for a scripture journal.

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