Book of Mormon Titles and Marking: The Beginning of 1st Nephi

 1st Nephi

1st Nephi- Marking My Scriptures

Year after year after year my students express frustration in learning how to read and understand the scriptures.   So this has been an unrelenting task for me to try and come up with succesful ways to help them understand what they are reading and then apply it to their individual lives.

So here is one technique.  Simply put, here is a scripture marking packet for 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon.  By  no means do I expect to hit every important principle in this book here.  No way.  This was simply intended to 1)  Help them understand better what they are reading, 2) Teach them new ways to mark their scriptures (other than simply coloring in an entire verse) and 3) Letting them move forward from there.

Hope this helps you too.  Just click on the link above in red.

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  1. This is sooo exciting!!! We just challenged our young women to read the Book of Mormon again, and this will be a perfect companion. I also plan on using this in my personal study and with my family. Thank you for taking the time to post this!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! I can’t even begin to describe how much all of this has helped me! It is all starting to make so much more sense now. I am a huge fan of your website! May Heavenly Father bless you for all of your hard work.

  3. This is incredible! I can totally relate to your students after being frustrated time and time again with scripture marking. I finally gave up after how many failed attempts and decided I wouldn’t mark anything…but I also lose out on so much because of it. So I’m extremely grateful for this post and for the time you took to create the guide. One question, though, how did you come up with it? Was it just from studying the scriptures time and time again? Did you base some of it from the guides you mentioned in this post? I’m super curious to find out so I can tailor it to my own needs. I love the point you made that we need to be gaining personal revelation that is applicable to our lives by reading the scriptures, not completely relying on others’ insights to guide us through. I agree with that 150%! Anyway, thanks again. You’re awsome! 🙂

    1. Generally, I study the section and write down how I would mark my scriptures. My goal is to highlight important words and phrases so that when I am teaching or studying in the future, the phrases will stand out again and I won’t have to have some of my “Ah-has” all over again. I don’t use a lot of guides except for occasional references. But I do use the dictionary a lot!

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. One other random thought, can you recommend some good marking tools? I have a hard time with some pens/markers because they leak through the pages or smear. What have you found to be most helpful and useful? Thanks in advance!

  5. Do you have more of the “Sectionalize” and “Markings” for the remainder of the Book of Mormon or did you do it only for 1 Nephi? This was a great help! I <3 it! I am so glad I found your blog! 🙂

    <3 Holly

  6. I found your blog on pinterest. Thank you so much for all your ideas. Our family just started reading the book of mormon and I just want to help everyone get the most out of our studing. My kids range in age from 17 to 1 year old. Your blog is fantastic. Thank you

  7. is there anyway that you could put all the maps and marking guides on one post? I am loving this and want to make sure that I get them all:)
    Thank you so much for helping my family!!!

  8. I’ve always marked up my scriptures quite a bit with color coding, thoughts, etc. but I am starting over with your technique and adding so much more to my scriptures as well as journaling. Thank you so much for sharing all you have done with others. I would love to know all your thoughts about Mary!!

  9. I just ran across one of your posts on Pinterest. I am investigating the LDS Church and the more I learn the more I believe. I am so excited to find your website so that I can really learn not just the LDS Books of Faith but the Bible as well! I can’t wait until a payday to order your journals and try them out!

    Thank You!

  10. wow……….it’s like an epiphany. I’ve really struggled with finding a method for “studying” the BOM, rather than just reading it. I’ve found it !!! As I’m sure you know, all the different marking activities really help reinforce what I’ve read. I can’t wait til I get to the point where I can benefit from all the notes and such in the margins!!! Thank you for all the effort you put into this, and especially — thank you for sharing. it’s really jump started & enriched my scripture study.

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