Come Follow Me Topical Study Guide

2016 Come Follow Me lessons study guide! You can study every Young Women and Sunday School lesson! This is awesome. Just click to look at sample pages.

2016 Come Follow Me Topical Study Guide

–  To get the physical book, go HERE.

–  To get the PDF download go HERE.

This is our updated 2016 Come Follow Me Curriculum Topical Study Guide.  Formerly we referred to this as the “Adult Study Guide,”  but we have discovered that many youth love this – especially those preparing for missions!

This study guide contains study pages for all of the 2016 Young Women an Sunday School lessons.  This is a really great way to incorporate gospel topics into your scripture study.

You can flip through some sample pages here:  (note:  anything you see in color is a sample of what the book could look like as you study).

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This study guide is available in a physical book (that will be mailed to you) or in a PDF download that you can print from home.

–  To get the physical book, go HERE.   (For group discount rates, please email us at [email protected])

–  To get the PDF download go HERE.


  1. I had the privilege of teaching in Young Woman’s for a few months this past year and fell in love with the curriculum. I am so excited to see this book! Thank you!!

  2. I tried to buy the PDF, but the link is broken, and takes me to a google search for Wells Fargo. Please help – I think this book is awesome and really want a copy!

  3. I bought the book. It looks great. Can I copy the pages for the youth in my SS class? I didn’t see any copyright info.

  4. I purchased the book form of the study guide. I am very excited for it. I have a question though. Will you be creating supplemental pages we can download when additions are made throughout the year to the lessons i.e. inserting current conference talks etc.?

  5. I purchased the 2014 Come follow Me! I am excited to learn more about the gospel and be able to teach the Young Women. It looks like its a great study guide! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Ok. I love this book! I loved last years, but I am madly in love with the 2014 version. It is like it was made to go specifically with my learning style and helped me really pull my thoughts together for our combined lesson last week. Thank you for your many, many hours that have gone into these books. We are breaking the bank to buy the study guides for the girls and I can’t wait to see the difference that it will make. Thank you!

  7. I am wondering if the format/content is similar to last year’s “2013 Doctrine and Principle Study Guide.” I would like the most up to date info, but I also love the idea of the child evaluations and such that were part of the 2013 guide. Does this guide include those things?


  8. I received the study guide yesterday in the mail and I have to say that I am very, very impressed. You spent a lot of time on this and it is amazing!!! I showed it to the lady that I visit teach and she was amazed as well. Thank you so much for all the work that you put into this. I’m looking forward to studying with it. Thanks again!!

  9. I have been experiencing the 2014 Come Follow Me Study Guide and am so grateful that you have put this together for us to benefit from. I love this study guide! It is giving me the opportunity to study the gospel in an organized way — a way where I can see my progress, have notes and reference notes as to thoughts and impressions that I had while reading prescribed passages, and feel the Spirit. I am not currently serving with the youth, but this guide is so advantageous for me as an adult. Did I say that I love this study guide! Thank you, thank you, for all the time you spent in putting this together. This is a great blessing in my life!

  10. I purchased my 2014 Come Follow Me at Christmas time to use for this year. I have loved it!! It adds so much to my lesson preparations as well as my personal study. I also can use it for family home evening. I am really glad I purchased the bound copy too–it is nice to have sitting next to my scriptures and I really like the nice soft cover. So glad I purchased it!!!

  11. I got this book just in time for the new year and have been studying it all month long. I love it! I got the last book last year and I think I love this one more. It is more detailed, in depth and has more resources to read. I am finding myself thinking about different questions or lessons I’ve just studied. Thank you for all your hard work in making all this happen to make scripture studying easier and exciting!

  12. Amazing book! I am so glad I got it and I got two extra for my best friends. This is such a great scripture study workbook. I love it!!!

  13. I am interested in getting one of these study guides, but am wondering if it would it be better to wait until the new year? Does the book (study guide) change each year? I know very little about the program but have heard such wonderful things about the program (and now all the amazing comments about your study guide) I want to take advantage of learning on my own. So how does the curriculum change every year? Or does it stay similar each year so it would t matter when I got this study guide? Thanks so much!

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