Doctrine and Covenants 76 Game- The Red Headed Hostess

This is such a fun game to play with your family!

Its called “Scriptureanoids” and here is how it goes:

1-  Print off 1 game sheet for each player

2- At the bottom of each sheet is a “legend” of things that need to be drawn into each box.  Everyone needs to draw 15 suns (for the Celestial Kingdom), 10 moons (Terrestrial), 10 stars (Telestial), 10 frowny faces (Outer Darkness), 2 hearts (Temple Marriage), and 2 blasts (war in Heaven).  Each of those are worth a different amount of points that you earn when that certain box is called.

3-  Cut up 49 squares and write the different boxes on each piece.  So, write A1 on one pieces, A2 on another,etc.  Put all of those pieces in a bowl.

4-  Have everyone get out their scriptures and turn to D&C 76.

5-  Here are the instructions:

  • Ask each question in order as found on the question sheet (You can choose if you want to tell the scripture reference or not)
  • Give each person 20 seconds to answer the questions
  • Have them write their answers on their answer sheet
  • Answer the question.  If you didn’t tell them the reference, answer it by telling them the reference so they look it up to check their answer.
  • If they got it right, then have them check the box signifying that.
  • Draw a box number and listen to the cheers or groans.
  • If they got the answer right, then they earn the points from that box.  (So the only time it will benefit them to get an answer wrong, is if it was a box with negative points.)
  • If you want to make it a little sillier, make up sound effects that they have to make to show what was in their box.  (For example, when they land on a Celestial sun they have to sing “Hallelujia” like an Angel.)
  • Encourage everyone to keep a running total.  Stop every once in a while to see who is leading in points.

*If you have small kids, you could definitely change some of the questions to be more age-appropriate

Here is the game sheet.  Print one per person:  Scriptureanoid 3 Kingdoms Game Sheet

Here are the questions.  Print just one copy:  Scriptureanoid 3 kingdoms – questions


  1. WOW!!!! This is amazing and so is the scripture marking guides for this section! We will difinitely be using Scripture-a-noids to review D&C 76 in our seminary class. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas….I love it all!

  2. AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to use this for seminary! It will be a great game to review what we just learned! As always, THANK YOU for sharing!!


  3. I am a lurker and have used a few of your posts/handouts in my early morning seminary class (including that amazing JS powerpoint) and so I figured I should start at least saying thanks here since I can’t make you dinner or take out your trash or something do something else even more helpful in return. so thank you. THANK YOU! thank you. really, I appreciate it. my family appreciates it. my class appreciates it. I will use this game in my class for scripture mastery. 🙂

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