Doctrine and Covenants Section Titles

Here are some section titles for the Doctrine and Covenants

These titles are just a simple overview of what each section is about and they are meant to be written at the beginning of each section.

My senior year in high school, we studied the Doctrine and Covenants, and I remember that during our senior trip I sat and copied my friend’s scriptures because her seminary teacher gave her section titles like these.  Who does that on their senior trip?

Besides giving you a quick overview of what the sections are about, I think it is really interesting to look at the section titles and see how the Lord reveals the Gospel line upon line.  You can see the restoration of truth happen.

So just sit down, put on some music, and start writing.

And you may just be tempted to stop and read because the titles spark your interest.

Here is the PDF for the section titles:  Doctrine and Covenants

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  1. Shannon,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This is exactly what I was looking for! Wow….ask and you shall receive! 🙂
    This will help so much….I so appreciate you taking the time to post this….you were inspired to have it all ready! 🙂

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your class!


  2. Thank you! I’m almost finished writing in the page titles in the Book of Mormon. They have helped me understand things soo much better. Thanks for posting this. Like Shannon said – I wish I could be in your seminary class. I bet it’s awesome!

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you post. I’d been struggling with how to better study my scriptures (other than just reading them or following a manual). You’ve helped me get excited about scripture study again!

  4. THANK YOU so much for all you share with us. I never went to seminary and now that my girls are in it, I really want to study right along with them and you have made it so much easier and FUN for me!

  5. THANK YOU so much!!! I am so excited about scripture study! I wish you could have been my seminary teacher, I probably would have been more excited & learned more but it’s better late than never 🙂 I have been diving into my scriptures every night (after everyone is in bed & the house is quiet). I have completed all of the Book of Mormon titles & sectionalizing….LOVE IT! I am starting on the maps for the book of Alma this weekend. I just told my visiting teacher & another lady in my ward about your website.


  6. One more question….Just finished titling my Doctrine and Covenants (Thank you!) and I LOVE IT!!! I love being able to glance back at what I have taught in seminary this year, and being able to find a section fast by looking at the titles. I am relatively new to your blog and saw in the archives that you have titles for the Book of Mormon and the New Testament as well. Do you have an attachments for the titles for each standard work or should I just scroll through the archives to find them? I LOVE this idea and I know it will help me so much not only in teaching but also in my own personal study. Thank you so much for helping so many of us. I check your blog daily and am always so inspired! I know you will be rewarded greatly for how many lives you are touching!


    1. If you look under the scripture study section you can find several different things in the other books of scripture. I don’t have a lot on the Old Testament yet though. I am really glad that others are using all of these things! Sometimes I have students that don’t see the value of them (i.e. they don’t want to do all of the work writing them in) and then they send in their mom’s after they leave on their missions and realize what they wish they had. I laugh every time. Teenagers. 🙂

  7. Just found your blog – it is wonderful! What creative ideas you have. I will be using many of them in my seminary class. Thank you!

  8. Thank you your blog has brought my family closer together through your love of the scriptures and cool ideas you have for them. My son is 7 and cannot wait to turn 8 and get his own set of nice scriptures 🙂 to have all the cool things in them that we have.

  9. I am so glad I found your website! It has given me a fresh, new perspective (not to mention, organized) on scripture, and gospel study. It is my new project. After a breakdown ten years ago, I couldn’t seem to study and retain like I did before. But now I feel like a sponge and can’t study enough and take notes in a sensible way. Thank you!!!!

  10. Shannon –
    I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for all you do – you’re amazing and I’ll be FOREVER a follower of your blog! These ‘thing’ you give out so willingly do not go unappreciated OR unwelcomed! You ROCK!

  11. I copied these down on my scriptures and I loved doing it!!!! I was just wondering if you have or are going to post the rest of the D&C Titles? It stops on D&C 76. I’m only asking because I love them so much!!! 🙂

  12. One of my companions on my mission had these section titles. I was transferred shortly after and didn’t get a chance to copy them. (Sadly I wasn’t good about keeping in touch…) In the last 18 years I’ve asked multiple people about them and no one had heard of them. What a blessing to have come across your site! I feel like I’ve been given a tender mercy! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    TIFFANY, if you open the PDF at the bottom of the post, you should find all 138 of the titles.

  13. Tiffany – My husband has some worksheets available to download where he has section titles as well as major headings for the whole D&C. It’s at (and see the “Names and Divisions of Sections” handout).

    I’ve seen a few different versions of these “section heading titles” worksheets floating around, and it’s so great to see people taking a shot at doing this themselves! It’s always fun to compare one to another to see why each person chose that title in particular. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for these…they really help with my scripture study! I used your BofM one last year and look forward to keepin’ on with D&C.

  15. For being someone whose comprehension skills are so far below average its a miracle that I even graduated high school, and being a convert and not completely understanding EVERYTHING exactly to the T but getting the main idea of everything, THIS HELPS SO MUCH! You are amazing. I am not officially obsessed with your blog. THANKS SO MUCH

  16. Hi Shannon,
    I am looking for the D & C scripture mastery stickers with the key phrases. The page had one column of blue SM key phrases and one column of red SM key phrases, then colorful arrows lining the bottom of the page. I printed one page out last month, but now as I want to print more for my students I cannot find it.

    Please direct me…it is such a good idea!

    Thank you!

    Lisa Barrett

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