Family Proclamation Scripture Stickers! The Red Headed Hostess

As I have really been studying the Proclamation,

I have noticed how packed full of doctrine it is!  Each statement has so many truths behind it, and the more you have studied and understood those truths – the clearer the Proclamation is.

So I was thinking of ways we could really study this document with our families – and I thought of this…. STICKERS!

Here is a set of stickers made super small so you can fit them into your scriptures and you can print a set off for each member of your family.  The stickers each have a phrase taken from the Proclamation.

Just print it off on an 8 1/2 x 11 printable sticker sheet.  You can find them by the labels at an office store… or I got mine at Walmart.

Then just cut them out one at a time and study all over your scriptures for a good scripture that helps teach doctrines or principles found in that phrase.

Then when you find a good place, put that sticker right in your scriptures!

Note:  The arrows at the bottom of the sticker sheet is so if you are trying to decide between 2 scriptures to put the sticker, you could still put that sticker next to one of them.

A couple of ideas for you…

*  If you have daily family scripture study, you could do one sticker a day and have each member of your family find a good scripture to go with the phrase of the day,  and share it with the family.

* You could buy a “family set of scriptures” and set them in the middle of the table while everyone has their own personal sets with them.  Then everyone can search in their personal set for a good scripture for the phrase, and then choose as a family where the sticker should go in the “family set”.  (You could do all other sorts of marking in the “family set” – like… as you read a chapter together everyone has to pick a favorite scripture in that chapter and then you all sign your names by your scripture.  Then you could keep the “family set” out somewhere where people could flip through it often.)

Here is the PDF: family proclamation stickers

Find our amazing proclamation package below:


*note:  if you are having trouble printing it, try saving it to your computer and then printing it from your saved file.


  1. Love it, love it! What a fantastic idea to make stickers from the proclamation to put in our scriptures I can’t wait to add them to mine. I think I will use them as well for family home evening I have 4 boys 20, 18, 14 and 9 so family home evenings can be a bit of a challenge to find things that will work for everyone, but this will be a lesson that will be great for all of my boys. Using ideas like this make teaching the gospel so much fun. Thanks for sharing

  2. I use your stickers already, this will make a great addition to the ones we already have. I also love the idea of a family set of scriptures. Thanks so much Shannon.

  3. I check your site every day! It’s like waiting to open birthday presents! I can’t wait to see what new creations you’ve come up to help me! Thank you!

  4. Can I just say,…. You. Are. Awesome! Seriously. I only know you from your blog and I think you are One Fantastically Fabulous Sister. Thank you for all you do and for sharing what you do.

  5. this is GREAT! We are doing the proclamation FHE lessons (shared on sugardoodle) and these are perfect to go along with them! Thank you!

  6. now we just need a list of scriptures that teach these things. Another idea is to have a proclamation where with each sentence we were able to write scripture references that teach the same thing!

  7. Thank you so very much for sharing. I shared these with my four daughters so they can teach their children about the Family Proclamation. I will also make a set for me.

  8. Love this idea. This will really help in my studying and focusing on the scriptures and the meaning not just mindless reading.

  9. ha! we recently had A BYU professor visit here in australia. He runs a class that is JUST about the proclamation. He says students always say ‘HOW are we going to JUST study the proclamation for the WHOLE semester!”

    I only got to hear him speak for an hour but there is so much in the proclamation as he showed us and lots of deep studying to be found if you want it

  10. These are amazing. I just discovered your site through a friend’s pin on Pinterest. THANK YOU for all your hard work to help us! Is there any way you could make stickers like this for The Living Christ next?

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