Scripture Stickers- The Red Headed Hostess

Just print these on sticker paper or full page label sheet! Cut and use as you study! So fun! Kids would love this.

Here are some scripture stickers meant to be used during your personal scripture study!


They are meant to be printed onto FULL PAGE shipping labels

Like these.

If you can find the clear ones…  that would be the best.


Here is a close up of part of the sheet.

You can see that there are doctrines and principles that you can cut out and put next to scriptures that teach about them.

There are also arrows and bubbles that you can fill in with your own words.

AND there are stickers that say “Favorite” where you can place them next to the scriptures that really stand out to you in different chapters.

A couple of ideas with these:

  • If you are reading the Book of Mormon as a family, you could have a family Book of Mormon that the kids get to choose a sticker to put in after each chapter.  And you can ask them to choose a favorite scripture to put that sticker next to.
  • If you have challenged your family to read the Book of Mormon, but on their own, you could get together during Family Night and share what stickers you put and where you put them.  This could invite some really great and interesting conversations.
  • If you are reading as a youth group, you could have the kids share where they are putting their scriptures.  In fact, you could have them text, email or Facebook each other everyday a “sticker report”.


Click here:  scripture stickers

For further information on how to use these, or to find other scripture stickers – check out the Scripture Mastery stickers or the Young Women Value stickers.



  1. Thank you for sharing these. I love them! I have a question, where is the link to download them? I clicked on the picture and that didn’t work for me. Sorry if I am missing the obvious. LOL.

  2. Can I just say WOW!! I mean WOW! LOOK at this place. Oh my goodness thank you SO SO much for sharing all your insights, hard work, creativeness, KNOWLEDGE, etc. with us! I just found your site and I am amazed and over joyed- seriously. I have been searching it and reading it practically all day. I will be using this site a ton and I’m already imagining the better life I will lead :)- thank you again!!!

  3. I discovered You about a month ago and I am addicted! Addictions are NOT good but I think this addiction is fantastic! I am happy that you have recovered from surgery and are able to continue to share your gifts, insights, lessons, etc with the rest of us. I have been trying, for years, to figure out a system to make my scripture study and reference marking sensible and easy to find. You have provided that for me and I am eternally grateful 🙂 I love love love the sticker file you have shared. I love colorful and this has made my(& daughter) scriptures POP! I find myself extremely excited to read and study my scriptures now because of the “marking” and sticker options you have provided. Thank you again for inspiring me!

  4. I love these too, but how do you download them. Can’t find a link.

    You have insipred me on the scripture study and journals I do. You are amazing!

  5. You are an angel to share your talents with us. What a help you are for an old woman serving in Young Women! I love you, my redheaded friend.

  6. I love your site! It was just passed on to me to night and I just can’t get enough! 🙂 I just wanted to share what I plan to do with these stickers–MY JOURNAL! I have so much going with my scriptures already that I think these just might be over kill!! SOOOO, I can’t not use them! I am going to add these to my journal at the appropriate times! THANK YOU!!

  7. Would you mind making these in Portuguese so our youth (ok, adults would love that too!!) could use it? I could give you the words!
    Hugs from Brazil and thanks for all you do!

  8. Under here is the file click here:
    I clicked scripture stickers and the sheet pulled up.
    I was able to print. I only had the return label size
    to print on but it worked!!! Thanks.

    1. Hi Lindsey!
      Because it is a printable, yes – that is really the only way to offer these like this. I used shapes that weren’t intricate in order to make it a little easier. 🙂

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