Scripture Study Tip: Finding Doctrines and Principles

This is something I do when I really want to dive into a scripture story.

I take my scripture study journal, find a blank page, title the top with the story I am studying, and then make 2 columns

The left column is for the chapter and verse to be referenced, and the right column is for the doctrines and principles that I find within those verses.

I always learn FAR more when I study this way.  The process of studying, pondering and then writing is a formula that never fails.

This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a scripture block you are planning on teaching.

And this would make an amazing way to study as a family.

What if you kept a family scripture study journal filled with everyone’s insights!

What a priceless thing that would be.  Can you imagine studying the Book of Mormon this way?  Then the rest of your life, you could go back and read what your children said.  And their words could end up teaching a Sunday School class, or your Primary class years after the journal was ever kept.

I would just keep it like above, except I would add another column to write people’s names next to what they said about each verse.

What a lovely thing that would be.

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  1. Hi there! I like this post! You made me realize that mine scripture journal is not organize. hehehe… I usually do like this but yours is great. Separating the verses and the doctrine by lines makes it organize and easy. I hope I can show you how my scripture journal look like! 🙂 Thank you so much!

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