Scripture Study Tip: Use Sticky Notes

I love using sticky notes in my scriptures.  My scriptures are fat because of them.

I love them because I can record thoughts, quotes, ideas…

There are a crazy amount of these in my scriptures.  Sometimes there are several stacked on top of each other.

There are so many thoughts I know I would have lost long ago, had I not jotted it down on a sticky note.

I just grab them out of the front pages of my scriptures.  That is where I keep them.  I keep stacks of 10 or so stuck together in a few places in the front.

sticky notes

And when you find some cute ones you love.  Get them.  Your scriptures will love them.

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  1. i love sticky notes too! our seminary coordinator gave each of us some to keep in our scriptures to note the thoughts that we feel prompted to highlight for our students – the cute ones are nice surprises!

  2. Sticky notes…I can’t believe something so simple made such a huge impact on my scripture reading! This, along with your scripture journals, has made such a difference in my life. I now have and am using BOTH! I am excited to look back in a year to see my growth/progress. Thank you!

  3. I am not a fan of sticky notes in the scriptures- even to the point that when I saw this post I cringed. in my experience the sticky wears off after a few years and then all you have is a book that loses all your past words of wisdom like a tree that loses its leaves in Autumn. So sad. Happily, I learned a similar trick from my mom- she would take a quote or note she had made on regular paper and would line the left edge of the paper with glue-stick glue and then firmly press it into the crease (or binding) of the page where it belongs. I love doing this with my scriptures now! and I no longer have old post-its littering the ground every time I study.

  4. I LOVE sticky notes. When I was in Seminary my teacher told us about using sticky notes. Ever since then I have used them a lot. My scriptures have a lot in them and are also fat from it. And also just from years of studying them since I was about 12 (when I first got them) to 29. And still adding more things to it.

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