Spouse Study and Children Evaluation: MARRIAGE AND FAMILY


This is part of a series

A while ago the Church Board of Education came up with a Basic Doctrine List that we (as seminary teachers) are supposed to put great effort and focus on in our classrooms.  They have set these doctrines apart from others as being essential for our students to understand.

So I was thinking… If it is important for ME to teach my students, how imperative it would be for PARENTS to have this list.

I have put toether a packet that contains the following 3 things:

1-  A personal evaluation page (where you and your spouse write your feelings and beliefs about that doctrine – what a great thing this could be for your own family history!)

2- Child evaluation pages (where you can consider each of your children and what they know about this doctrine and how that is reflected in their lives, as well as how to more effectively teach that doctrine to them)

3- Study material for you and your spouse to study this doctrine together


Here is the file.  I hope it will be as good of an experience for you as it was for us: basic doctrines evaluation and spouse study MARRIAGE

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