Scripture Marking for the Book of St. John: Sectionalizing

  st. john

This is the last of the sectionalizing topics for the Four Gospels. Sectionalizing is something I do in my scriptures all of the time.  It is so helpful for me to pick out major themes and doctrines that are being taught.

Sectionalizing  is when you draw lines in your scriptures to create “sections” of scriptures that are talking about the same theme. For example: in the first section  you would draw a line above the first verse and then another line below the last verse.   And then you would write the given phrase in the margin between those 2 lines.   You can find an example here.

So here are the sections for the Book of John: sectionalized topics 

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  1. This is a great idea that I’ve never seen before. Thanks for sharing it! Just wondering…what type of pen/markers you use to mark your scriptures with? I have used many different pens recommended because they would not bleed through the pages, but they do. Perhaps there isn’t a perfect pen, but I’d sure love some recommendations if you have them. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share so many wonderful ideas. I am currently serving in YW so your ideas will be very helpful. I also love how you mark your scriptures and your scripture journals. I plan to start implementing some of your ideas tonight.

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