Book of Moses Marking Guide- The Red Headed Hostess


Here is a marking guide for ya on Moses chapter 1.

I really love this chapter and their are several doctrines and principles that apply to us just packed in here.

This guide is intended to help you learn some new marking techniques if you are looking for some and to help you see some things perhaps you haven’t noticed yet.  As you read, you will likely find so much more than I put in this guide.

If you like this sort of thing… there are more on this site.  Go here to find some.

Here is the Moses 1 PDF:  Marking guide

And… Don’t forget – the Celebration on the Family starts tomorrow!


    1. Janet- When you hit the link, the Book of Moses guide is at the top of the Marking page. Scroll down and see if you find more things. Let me know if this doesn’t work.
      Thanks! 🙂

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Just a little FYI you have officially become my most favorite blog to ever read. You are inspiring and you help me to be able to get things out of church that I’m not able to get while being at church. I find myself consumed with the baby for the most part and I miss out on so much. It’s like a fresh of breath air to be able to come here and learn about the gospel through your teachings. So, I thank you for that <3

  2. Hi Shannon! I used your Moses marking guide today to study…it was wonderful!! Thank you so much for providing such a resource! I posted this link on my FB page.

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