Jacob and Esau Marking Guide- The Red Headed Hostess

Jacob and Esau

I think every teenager needs to know this story.

This story is about understanding who you are and how important your choices are and that they will impact your future.  Its about having an eternal perspective.  Its about valuing and cherishing your covenants.  Its about Temple marriage.  Its about choosing the consequences you want and then making your choices.

Again… I think every teenager needs to know this story.

Here is a marking guide for Jacob and Esau


  1. Love, Love, Love all your scripture study helps! I know you’ve posted before and I’m doing some experimenting, but what pens/ pencils do you find best for marking in scriptures?
    I hate writing in books, but realize if I’m really to benefit from the scriptures, I need to get over my phobia!

  2. Shannon,
    You are such a wonderful missionary. You are changing more lives than you will ever know.
    I was wondering if you had any page titles past Genesis in the Old Testiment and if you had any for the New Testiment? That would be most helpful!

  3. This is wonderful! Wish we were not so far ahead of you in seminary….but excited that I had pulled out many of the things that are noted in this guide. Thank-you for all the scripture study tips, they have helped me improve my study….which in turn improves my students’.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. This just might be a great tool with my 11 and 9-year-old to show them how they need to be responsible for their own choices and the natural consequences of those choices.

  5. Thank you for sharing your talents! I need this lesson for my 16 year old dau. Where we live in CA and there aren’t many LDS boys or teenagers in general, it stresses what her patriarchal blessing already told her and how to do things at the right place and at the right time for the right blessings! We’ll be having a lesson on this tomorrow! Thank you again!!

  6. Great for a family home evening lesson! I wonder if Esau really understood what he was doing. The thing that jumps out to me is how can I make sure my children understand the importance of the covenants they are making and will make in their lives. Thanks for sharing!

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