Journal Quotes Week 1- The Red Headed Hostess

This is the first week of journal quotes!

Each week I am going to post some of my favorite quotes that you can print off, cut up,  and put into your scripture journals!

Just cut them up and decide where you want to put them.  Each one will have a suggested topic, but you can put them where you wish.

There are several ways to put them in your journal, but I generally tape them in.  Make sure you don’t tape the ends down…  If the tape doesn’t hit the ends then it will open like a page and you can write underneath the quote.

You can tape them wherever you want to and you can layer the quotes on top of each other.

It is a great way to gather things for different topics so they will always be ready when you need them.

Here are the journal quotes: Week 1

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  1. A friend of mine recommended your blog. What a blessing! These scripture journals are wonderful and I’m anxious to get started on one.

  2. Amazing! I’m so excited to use these! You are so wonderful to share these with us and you’re blessing so many lives!

    I am looking for the font that the word “revelation” is in above the quote. Do you mind telling me the name of it so I can find it?

    Every day I look forward to seeing what you’ve added….THANK YOU so much!


  3. Got it! I downloaded quite a few…they’re great! Thank you, Shannon! You should see how cute my seminary quotes look now…thanks to you! 🙂

  4. I also love your site & the inspiration you have given me to study more. Love the quotes keep them coming. Also my kids love your drawings & maps. If you have any others we would love to see them if you are willing to share. Thank You!

  5. Love these! Thank you for all of the time you give in preparing and sharing these wonderful things with us. I feel like I get a gift with each post…thank you for blessing my life.

    1. Sharon – I just used Word! Use the text box function and play around with it. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  6. It’s amazingly helpful to get this jump start on journaling. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and beautiful commitment to something we would all like to be better at.

  7. I’m excited to start a scripture journal and put some of your quotes in them! Lately it has felt like all I’m doing is just ‘reading’ the scriptures without getting much out of them. I’ve been wanting to ‘study’ them better, so your scripture journal is a great idea! Thanks!!!

  8. I love your site a lot and I will be getting my scriptures marked.
    I like the look of your journals. Could you tell me how you made them?
    Thank You, LuJean

  9. Thank you for your inspirational ideas. They have me feeling motivated to be a better student of the gospel and help my children begin some of these great daily devotional habits! You are so very kind and generous for sharing. I know this must take a lot of time.

  10. What a blessing I have just started my Scripture journal and I am having so much fun! I am starting to understand what I am reading and look forward to studying my scriptures everyday. Thank you so much for this inspiring idea. 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for your kindness =) Eversince I moved here in Sweden from Philippines I thirst for the word of God. I struggled so much because in the Philippines I’m so active in our church. This year I started reading the bible again but I want to really understand what I’m reading and in fact I’m in the process of making my Bible Scripture Journal so I can transfer what I started this year. Thanks again =D

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