Journal TOPIC Suggestions

For those of you who have ordered the TOPICS journal…

Here are a list of suggested topics for ya.

These are not exhaustive lists… just a really good starting point.

There are 3 lists attached…

The Young Women’s List includes the the Young Women values, the For the Strength of Youth standards, and some basic doctrines and principles.

Here is the PDF for the Young Women’s List: journal topics young women

Here it is in WORD:  journal topics young women

The Young Men’s/Missionary list includes topics discussed in Preach My Gospel along with the standards in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.

Here is the PDF for the Young Men/Missionary List: journal topics young men

Here it is in WORD:  journal topics young men

The “General”  list is combination of the two lists above along with a few more doctrines and principles.

Here is the PDF for the General List: journal topics general

Here it is in WORD:  journal topics general

* The TOPICS journal only has enough room for around 50 topics, so you will have to start by picking which topics in the lists above you want to dive into first.

*  For Frequently Asked Questions go here

*To see examples of the TOPICS journal, go here


And so you can see what kind of topics I am talking about… here is an example of the “General” list of topics:

  1. The Plan of Salvation
  2. God the Father
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. The Holy Ghost
  5. The Creation
  6. The Fall
  7. The Atonement
  8. Premortal Life
  9. Mortal Life
  10.  Life After Death
  11. The Resurrection
  12. The Apostasy
  13. The Restoration
  14.  Joseph Smith
  15. The Book of Mormon
  16. The Bible
  17. The Priesthood
  18.  Faith
  19.  Repentance
  20.  Baptism
  21.  Covenants and Ordinances
  22.  Enduring to the End
  23.  Prayer
  24.  Prophets
  25.  Revelation
  26.  Commandments
  27.  Eternal Marriage
  28.  Temples
  29.  Satan
  30.  Adversity and Trials
  31.  Missionary Work
  32.  The Abrahamic Covenant
  33. Baptisms for the Dead
  34.  Family History
  35.  Zion
  36.  Gifts of the Spirit
  37.  Charity
  38. Pride
  39.  Hope
  40.  Peace
  41.  Virtue
  42.  Knowledge
  43.  Patience
  44.  Humility
  45.  Diligence
  46.  Obedience
  47.  Forgiveness
  48.  Developing Christlike Attributes
  49.  The Second Coming
  50. Agency and Accountability
  51. Gratitude
  52. Education
  53. Family
  54. Friends
  55. Dress and Appearance
  56. Entertainment and the Media
  57. Music and Dancing
  58. Language
  59. Dating
  60. Sexual Purity
  61. Honesty
  62. Sabbath Day Observance
  63. Tithes and Offerings
  64. Physical Health / Word of Wisdom
  65. Service to Others

9 thoughts on “Journal TOPIC Suggestions

  1. Thank you Shannon. I can’t wait to get started. I’m excited to give my girls the YW Journal when it gets here. I love you for the great heart you have. There is a lot of work you give unselfishly to us each day. Thank you.

  2. Very nice…are the YW journals done yet? We are interested in giving them to our YW for new beginnigs. Can you email me with details on ordering them for a large group? About 30 or more.

  3. Fun! When I set up my scripture journal before these were released I went to the church website and browsed their “Study by Topic” section for ideas, plus your original instructions on setting up a scripture journal. I love that we can individualize our journals to fit our own lives.

  4. Do you use a lot of outside resources when you do your Scripture Study Journal or Topic Journal? Do you get all the reference material out while you are studing or do you read it and then jot down and add later. What does your library look like? ?? It must be huge. I see you use a lot of quotes from the Prophets and Apostles where do you find the time to read and jot down all these things. There is so much information how do you pick and chose to put in your journals….. Just asking

  5. Hi Shannon, I am not even sure how I ran across your site but I’m glad I did. I’ve been looking for a way to organize my thoughts as I study the scriptures and you are an answer to my prayer! Thanks so much for all the work you put into your posts. It is blessing lots of lives.

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