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This is one of the most common names of Christ that we use and hear often, and it has such beautiful meaning!

This was the first name I studied in my Names of Christ book, because I want to make certain that when I use this Name… I use it correctly in the right context. ¬†ūüôā

I mean… wouldn’t it be great, when we speak of Him, that we use references that really mean something to us? ¬†That we understand what we are really saying, and use proper names and titles to express our feelings and testimony? ¬†The power our testimonies could hold!


As I studied this name, I wrote down things like this:

Definition:  One having power and authority over others; a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due.  And owner of land or other property (like a landlord).

Scriptures:  Take your pick.  There are TONS to choose from.

Why Christ has this name:  The name Lord has applied to various types of individuals throughout history, typically showing rank and the need for others to obey them.  But Christ is THE Lord.  And all others are types of Him, although they may not fulfill that role righteously.

A Lord is one with authority.  The Lord has the ultimate of authority, for He stands at the head of His church and has authority over all things.

He doesn’t just own property, He is the Creator of this Earth, it is His footstool and He rules over it.

The adjoining page is where you can now get personal.  This is where you can write about this name and the insights it gives you about Christ and your relationship with Him.

I wrote some things like this:

“As Elder Maxwell expresses in his amazing talk, “Our Creator’s Cosmos“, we often make God a small God, and we do the same to His son, Jesus Christ. ¬†But he is not a small or of little power. ¬†He is the Lord. ¬†He stands at the head of this church and His arm will be revealed. ¬†To choose to be on His side… is to choose to be on the winning team….

“It is such a great irony when man tries to change, undo, or deny what THE Lord has promised and been very clear about. ¬†He is the Lord. ¬†We are not.

“We are so very lucky that the Lord is one who is also sinless and full of perfect love. ¬†Imagine if that title belonged to one whose self-interest and power were their main focus? … The reality that the Lord is also the Redeemer, the Advocate, the Prince of Peace AND the Shepherd, is a wonderful secret that the world does not always understand. ¬†This is shown not only in their attitudes and great efforts in removing Him from society, but also in how they use this name vain.”

*  I love the insights that this gives me!  So when I speak of Him, and use His names, I can really know what I am saying.  I LOVE that!




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  1. I got my copy of this book today as well! How timely that you did a post to help get me going in the right direction with it! You are so amazing and I am so inspired by you and your website!

  2. i just barely found your site and i am so excited!! i can’t wait to order a few of your work books. thank you for taking the time to share your insight with us!! this is just what i need!

  3. I seriously LOVE all of your ideas and your books are amazing. My husband bought me two of your scripture journals for Christmas and I just ordered your Names of Christ book. I cannot wait until it gets here. Thank you for your inspiration. You are going to be such a fantastic mother. ūüôā

  4. I too have really been inspired by your wonderful tools for scripture study and I am especially excited about the names of Christ book. I ordered a copy for each one in my family for Easter. I couldn’t think of a more precious gift than something to help them to study and get to know Him better. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas.

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