Scripture Study Journal Tip: The Ensign

Wondering how to make scripture study more meaningful?

How often do you read through the Ensign and think “that is such a great quote” or story, or way to explain something…?  And we think that maybe we will remember that story, or quote in the future when we are teaching about that, or thinking about that, or need to explain that to someone else.  But we don’t remember.  Until now… just file it right into your journal!

Like this little story by President Hinckley

went right into my page on “missionary work”

And this quote by Elder Eyring.

Again, missionary work.

This was an article about the Book of Mormon

A First Presidency Message

An adapted Conference talk for the New Era

Whether it’s a great LDS object lesson or just a great addition to your scripture study journal, just copy onto a Word document and adapt the layout so it will fit into your journal.  Generally making the document into 2 columns will do it.

Hope this helps your scripture study journal experience!

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  1. I have an hour and a half drive back and forth to work and I often listen to old conference talks. The other day I heard one and thought “I need to remember to talk about that with my kids”. Now it’s in my scripture journal (i loved your tutorial on how to make it like a pamphlet 😉 Thanks!!

  2. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and I’m interested in making a scripture journal. I’ve been looking at the pictures of the journals trying to figure out what type of “notebook/paper” you start with and then have you just covered the original notebook with fabric or paper? If anyone knows, I’d love to know what to go out looking for. Thanks!

  3. I have watched your ideas with Scripture Journals…and was reading the Ensign the other month and noticed all the quotes they are doing in boxes – pullouts from the articles. So at the end of the month I went through and cut them all up! I’ve got a stash started so when I’m awesome like you I’ll turn it into a real journal. But at least I’ve got a start!

  4. Janell,
    I believe she uses nice official journals, that have thicker pages and will last a while. It is in her archives section somewhere.

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