Scripture Journals

UPDATE:  Since posting this I have designed and published a set of CHAPTERS and TOPICS Scripture Journals.  Each page has a template to help you study.  Check them out here.


Since it is the New Year…

I wanted to re-post this.  I have received a lot of comments from you (thank you so much – they help keep me motivated!) about your New Year goals being to have more meaningful Gospel study, so…

I wanted to show you the best thing I have ever done to study!

My Scripture Journals.  I love them.  You know when people ask that question:  “What would you save if you could save one thing in your house?”  I don’t have to even think about.  It is these.  My scripture journals.  I can’t even express what these mean to me .  There is so much history to them.  They represent hours of discovery and insight and lessons learned.  To you, they are just books that you have never seen before.  But to me there are stories that come to mind by just looking at the different books.  The one peeking out of the bottom went with me to Guatemala.  The striped one I made with the young women in my ward.  The one that is open is my favorite.

And the blue one was my first truly successful scripture journal.  I have another stack of journals that are failed attempts – do you have a stack of those?

These are not personal daily journals…

These are records of things I have learned, personal notes, scriptural insights, study pages, quotes, conference talks, and outlines of talks I have given.    So much of what is in there would have been long forgotten – so what a blessing it is to just open up and read, and then remember, and then build upon that.

For years, I believed that keeping a personal record of what I am learning would be beneficial, but I wasn’t very good at the execution of it.  I needed a system.  And after years and years of trying different things – I found something that works.


I put topics on the top of each page.  This can be done 2 different ways.

1-  You could write topics at the top as you study and add topics as you go

2-  You could write topics that you want to study at the top of each page right when you get your journal

I typicall do the second one – so when I learn something about that topic, I turn to that page and write about it.

Either way, leave some pages at the beginning of your journal to keep your own table of contents.

Here is one of my pages about the Second Coming

Here is a study I did on Doctrine and Covenants 4

A church history timeline

I also put in a lot of talks from conference.  I just copy and paste them onto a Word document, put them in columns, and shrink down the font.

Then I just tape them in.

So lets say you are asked to give a talk, or a lesson on this subject…  you already have so much gathered!  And they are things that you felt were valuable enough to write down, and if you felt it was valuable, others will likely feel the same way.

Plus your “line upon line” learning may speed up.  It does for me because I don’t forget as much.

This is Doctrine and Covenants 77.   And Revelation 4.  How would you have drawn it?

A study on the Priesthood


A study on Mary.

I love her.  She has other pages too.

My ultimate goal is to have at least one completed journal for each of my children to inherit.  And a set of marked scriptures.  I don’t care about them inheriting the things I have shoved into my backpack when traveling in far nations.  I care about this. Then when I’m not around anymore, I can still help them.

Here is how you could set it up:

scripture journals


  1. I started my own scripture journal after seeing your blog about 5 months ago. It is truly the best journal that I have ever kept. Thank you for making my life better! I love this.

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your website and may I take a minute to tell you that I LOVE IT! What an inspiration you are! I love your scripture journals and I’m going to try and do this so my scripture studying will be more meaningful (and hopefully help me to be more consistent in my studying!) I am still looking thru your posts and am enjoying them all. Thank you! (I put your website on my blog, hope that’s ok.) Robbin

  3. Thank you for your post on scripture journals! I am so excited to start my very first scripture journal. I have been wanting to do something like this but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I am journal shopping tonight. Thanks again.

  4. amazing! What a treasure to have. Can I start by copying your journals? I seriously would buy those. Looks like SOOO much to learn from, just right there!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 🙂 Your organization is amazing and inspiring, and even your handwriting is beautiful! I LOVE IT! I will definitely have to try this system and see if I can make it work for me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I stumbled across your websight and just had to write and thank you for your scripture journal idea…I love it! Thank you!

  7. love this. Thank you! I have gotten out of the habit of this since my mission (6 years ago) and have been looking for a fresh perspective on a new years resolution. This is perfect!

  8. I just started my first scripture study journal o line (at the Churches web site) but I was very sad when i lost the second and third entries, I then went to keeping it on my laptop. But what if it crashes or . . . .I have been thinking a lot about it. today I came across your post via Sugardoodle. Now I know what I will do. Your samples are inspiring. I cannot think of a better heritage for my children and grandchildren. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. I just came across your blog from Sugardoodle – and I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT! I love all the inspiring pictures you took of you scripture journals. (You have nice handwriting 🙂 But I also love your other posts!! Thank you! I am adding yours as a big huge FAVORITE!!!

  10. WOW I love your site… love you journals… love all your stuff! I was trying to find an e-mail address for you but can’t find one. So Besides telling you how much I love your site I have two questions for you… 1- would you be willing to share some more of your info on Mary with me…? I would love to learn more of her. 2 – I love the info you have on the “The Basic Doctrines”… Love it! Are the evaluation and study papers yours? or are they seminary produced? I would love to have access to them … are they all on your site? I just can’t seem to find them… THANKS! ~ Laura

  11. I love all of your ideas. I spent far too much time looking through your website this morning. I was especially intrigued because I am in my second year of teaching seminary–and I see you have been a seminary teacher for twelve years now. Oh my goodness–the youth must LOVE you!! You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your scripture journals with us all. I can’t wait to get started on mine….

  12. Sugardoodle made reference to this post on facebook this morning. Your journal inspires me…so much that I went out & got one of my own. Love it!! I really enjoy the fact that you share some of your study with us. I am always looking for different ways to study. Thank You!

  13. Leslie pointed your link to me. I am impressed with your inginuity. Have a question. I note that the responses above are all from women. Don’t men keep journals? Are they above such great ideas as yours? I, for one, thank you for giving me a better way of recording my thoughts.

  14. I also found you through Sugardoodle. I love the scripture journals- I’m starting one too. And the sectionalize idea is great. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

  15. I know I already commented yesterday but, after thinking about it all day and dreaming about wandering through a library last night, I’ve decided that there is no way I could really answer this question. It’s like if someone asked which of my three children is my favorite. It’s just not possible to choose!

  16. Love your idea. Great for a seminary goal or even for Primary Teachers. What kind of jounal notebook do you use. It looks like it has blank pages. Could you tell us what you use for your jounals?

    Thank You

  17. I love this. I have been making them for the sisters I visit teach & plan to make one for my mother (who taught me to love studying the scriptures) and for my Primary counselors. Thank you so much for this idea!!!

  18. Your journals are beautiful…i have been writing & drawing in journals while studying my Bible for many years…i love your layouts and how you section things together with different handwriting styles…
    stop over ‘n visit us sometime 🙂

  19. There’s a group of us willing to pay for your pages (copied). Would you/do you sell pages? We’d love a head start with info on topics and love how you’ve got yours laid out.

    1. That is so kind of you. I am actually working on getting ready-made journals to offer those who want the titles already done along with a few other things. But, I know that isn’t what you are asking for. My plan is to post a journal-tip a week, using my pages as examples – so, I think you will be getting what you are asking for that way. And free! I will be posting pictures as well as some of the content typed up to make sure that it is clear and then you could go and try it in your own journals.
      Is that helpful?

  20. Someone gave me the link to this post last week. I LOVE this idea! Yesterday after church my three oldest who are in Young Women were trying to figure out what value projects they could do. I showed them this and all three are so excited to do it! They are each going to do it for a different value: Divine Nature, Knowledge, and Faith. The oldest already has a blank journal and was working on getting it set up when Dad came home from all his church meetings. He was impressed and happy that they are wanting to get more out of their daily scripture study this way. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful idea.

  21. I absolutely love the way you have set these up. Where do you buy your journals? In some pictures I see that there are no lines on the pages, but in other pictures I see lines. I love the cloth-bound look they have. Looking forward to more posts about these! Every day since I first discovered your blog I have sat down to do my scripture study and wanted to start my journal. . . . 🙂

  22. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all the wonderful ideas and handouts!!! I am really enjoying your blog. For our activity last Wednesday night we made scripture journals. The girls (and leaders) were excited!! They were so happy to have somewhere to organize the quotes, stories, and thoughts they have. Thanks so much!!

  23. I found a link to this site from another blog, and I just fell in love. I have had a beautiful book on my shelf for more than a year waiting a purpose, last night I printed off your instructions and stayed up way too late organizing my journal. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  24. Hi Shannon,
    I just had to stop by and say I love your website. I stumbled upon it on Monday when I was searching for some questions to use for F.H.E. I began looking around your site and when I saw your Scripture Journals I was amazed.
    I have decided this year I want to be Fed, Filled & Gain (Spiritually Fed, Filled with the Spirit and a love for the gospel, and Gain a stronger testimony). Your Scripture Journal is exactly what I needed. I have always struggled with reading my scriptures every day, but I am going to try your journals and see how it works for me.
    Thanks again for your wonderful website and ideas. I am definitely going to be stopping by often.
    Little LDS Ideas

  25. Your handwriting is incredible! Its looks like your pages are typed with a font that I wish I had! I have joined the ranks of those inspired by you, thank you for sharing! I have started my own journal though its in a binder with loose leaf paper so I can keep the topics alphabetized. Thank again!

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journals! What a wonderful idea. I’ve been doing something similar, but I love the idea of a table of contents. Way better!

  27. Holy Moly. I found you this afternoon, and I’ve spent about half the day glued to your site. And I’ve had several awesome spiritual experiences/moments of revelation while reading.

    I started a “Church Journal” a while back, but only have about 30 pages completed, and while I love the information compiled therin, I have to flip through each and every page to find what I’m looking for. Not to mention multiple notebooks of EFY and Education Week talks, notes from my semester at BYU-Nauvoo, etc. Now that I’m a YW teacher, I spend a TON of time leafing through my “journals” trying to find the info I’m looking for.

    I had an Ah-HA! moment when you said to organize by topic. Not after… but BEFORE I write in it! Thank you SO much for all of your insight, spirituality, and generosity!

  28. Just wanted to say thank you so much! I could really use an idea like this and I think the organization will work for me! It’s needed around here!

  29. Thank you for sharing this. I am one of those with several ‘failed attempts’—notebooks with good, but unorganized thoughts. This idea gives me hope!

  30. Shannon,
    Do you have a hand out for your second coming? I saw it in your journal picture but can find a hand
    out on site. Thank you so much.

  31. love the journals! but, how many pages do you leave per topic? do you just label a page “faith” and then after two pages label “word of wisdom”…how do you know how many you’ll need per topic? OR are you just filling up mulitple journals at one time?

  32. I’m sorry if you answered this before, I looked around and did not see it, what kind of pen do you use to write in your journals? It’s never going to help my handwriting look as *extremely* nice as yours does but it will be a start. Thanks!

  33. I’ve been looking for this exact thing for years! Thanks for thinking of it for me, and for sharing it! I can’t wait to get started!

  34. I have been looking for some system to organize my scripture studies, thoughts, inspiration, talks…etc…and this is perfect! But I have a question…..since you use bound journals…I’m guessing you have some overlap of topics…how do you keep straight what’s where? I don’t mean within one journal…but if you have virtue in one journal, and no more do you know that you might have virtue in another one (short of reading the table of contents in every journal you’ve created)?

    I’m thinking of using loose leaf notebook paper in 3 ring binders with dividers…so as I add new stuff to existing topics, it’s all together.


  35. I love this idea. I started it 2 weeks ago and I don’t know if I have ever studied the scriptures like this and have really got things out of them. There are 11 kid in my family and almost all of my sister and sis-in-laws are doing this also. We made some more up while the men went to Priesthood last night. I am loving studying and learning so much. Thank you thank you!
    I am the laural advisor and we are going to do something like this for the girls. “My Strength of Youth Journal”. You probably have already done this. I am growing so much I just want my Young Women to grow and learn and gain a testimony of the gospel and make it their solid foundation. Thank you agian for so many wonderful ideas. I really do appreciate it.

  36. I love your ideas! It was great to see pics of your journals. The descriptions were great and helpful when I went to set up my own journal. Thank you!

  37. Would love to know what kind of journals you like and what kind of pens. If you mentioned this already I must have missed it. Thank you!

  38. I have really felt the promptings for awhile now about having a scripture journal. My lack of scripture study has always brought me so much guilt but like you I did not know how to begin. Your tips and insights have really opened my eyes and I am now ready to begin. Thank you, thank you so much. I look forward to seeing all that you share.

  39. I love your blog. I have looked and looked at your scripture journals and am definitely going to start one with topics. I kept a scripture journal for an entire year once and that was by far my best scripture study year, but have never done one topically. I love all your ideas, thanks for sharing with us!

  40. Wow. Just wow. I stumbled upon your blog today and can I just say “wow”? You have inspired me to start my own journal. I’m horrible at personal study (although I rock at family study…with 6 kids that’s a feat, I tell ya.) I think your journal idea will keep me motivated. I’ve kept one in the past (okay…it has only two entries in it), It’s so boring though. I love the look of yours. It looks so easy to read and refer to. I will start my journal tonight! Thanks so much!

  41. I too am one that just stumbled across your website. WOW! As a person who loves to keep a scripture journal myself, I truly appreciate what you have accomplished and what I have learned from you in my browsing. I have struggled on how to keep a scripture journal for years and then just sort of started with a journal that was a size that I could take to church and have several of them (not organized at all like yours). However, I became frustrated that I could not remember where I recorded things and how I couldn’t add things in. So I finally went digital to “Circus Ponies- Notebook” for the Mac. It was the best thing that happened to me! I can keep my journals organized, add pictures, sound recordings and talks and with a pen and tablet draw in it. I can print it out anytime. Love it! Downside, I can’t take my lap top to church can I?! Ha! But they have made “Notebook” for the if I can just talk my husband into that!

  42. I am astounded at how much effort you have put into this site and your study of God’s Word. It puts Evangelicals to shame! We should be so dilligent in studying our Lord’s Words and precepts. Love this site. Will come back often. Bookmarked it on my PC and my iPod! 🙂

  43. I started journals similar to yours on my mission. Sad to say, they just slipped off my radar when I got home 2 years ago. But I am SO INSPIRED to get into that habit again!! Yeww!!

  44. This is beautiful! Not only the idea, but how organized they look! I have tried and tried to make my scripture study consistant and meaningful and have not seemed to find a good system yet. This is so creative!

    One question: What if you need more pages for a Topic, But you haven’t left them around the place you started it? (Like you thought you needed 3 for the Sermon on the Mount or something, but you really should have left 10) Do you just continue somewhere else?

    Thanks for this idea!!

    1. Hey leslie! When you find you need an additional page, you just go to the next blank page and write at the top “continued from page __” and then you go back to the filled page and write “continued on page __”. Does that make sense?

  45. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I started a study journal about 2 months ago after happening upon your site. My studying has been so much more rich and inspiring! THANK YOU! You are doing something fabulous here and I appreciate all the time you put into this blog! THANK YOU!

  46. I just want to say thank you for creating this website! I am so very grateful that I stumbled across it today. I love journal writing and I love studying and reading. I have to write things down in order to remember them and really solidify them in my mind and your scripture journal is the perfect solution for this. I am so excited to get sarted on my own scripture journal and I will definitely be back to get more tips and ideas and inspiration from you! Thank you again!

  47. I am just skimming the surface of your website, and I am so inspired already! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journals and great ideas. Just … wow. Thank you.

  48. HI…I love, love , love this. I wish I would have seen it years ago. I have tons of journals started but I never keep up on them because I can’t decide how to organize them and now I think this will be perfect. By the way where do you get your journals or do you make them and how??? I love them and need them. Thanks tons.

  49. very motivating! thanks! for all of you wanted a “quality” journal with blank or lined pages…i googled “moleskine journals” and found this site: then, i found them a little cheaper at thanks again for all the tips, motivation and information!!!

  50. Hi Shannon,

    I’m so excited to get started with trying your method for scripture journal set up. I have a couple of questions, though.

    1. What if you run out of space in your current journal? How do you go from one book to the next? So if I’m doing Adversity for instance, and I start on page 4, then I go to page 95 (for instance) further back in the book, and then I’m out of space in the first book, do I mark on the top of pg 95 to go to another book? Do you start a second journal and work in them both for different topics if you have pages that still aren’t filled up in the first book. but need extra space for other topics that are currently being studied?

    2. I want to be sure I understand one other thing. In the ‘Scripture Journals Set-up Instructions’ pdf, it says in step 5 “For example, on page 7 you would write APOSTASY on the top.’ But at the bottom, Apostasy is number 6 in the table of contents. So…it would go on page 6, right? I’m not trying to be picky, I just want to make sure I’m doing it right. 🙂

    3. What about adding other topics? For instance, I’m thinking I’d like to have a category for current counsel from our Prophet – things he said to be sure to do or not to do from the most recent conference. I’m also thinking about adding something for enduring to the end. The other topic I’m thinking about is along the lines of positivity, or cheerfulness, or something like that – where I can put quotes and scriptures like 2 Nephi 2:25. Things to cheer me up when I’m getting down on myself.

    4. Do you have some kind of master list? Where you reference your main Tables of Contents to your journals or something?

    Thanks so much for doing this and sharing with all of us. I’m actually really excited about trying this. All I’ve done for several years for ‘scripture study’ is to read a couple of pages a day in my BoM, so this has motivated me to find the time to add a real scripture study to my day. Thanks!!!

  51. I just stumbled on your website the other night and can I just say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to record what has worked in your life. I had just finished reading most of October’s Ensign dedicated to the Book of Mormon and was feeling a nudge if you will from the Spirit to step it up. I saw a picture of your journal and instantly felt this is what would help me. Thank you!

  52. I absolutely love your journal!

    I have never seen scripture study organized like this before, and I am hooked. I have only been a member of The Church for about 8 1/2 years, and daily scripture study was not something I did before I joined (haven’t been the best about it afterward either though).

    I am also a very visual learner, and most of my notes look a lot like this (except conference notes).

    I have put together one, and hope you don’t mind that I blogged about it and linked back to you.

    I’m thinking about making one as a gift for my oldest daughter, she’s 9, so she can get started with it too.

  53. I was sitting in Sunday School today looking at my scriptures. As a fellow seminary teacher who LOVES glue ins and to make all kinds of notes- my poor scriptures are bursting at the seams after being rebound last year.

    I looked over at a recently returned sister missionary and she was writing away in her journal. And the answer was clear to me- I needed to move to another format and simply “reference” my precious scriptures!

    I came home and completely forgot about this revelation (in the chaos of another Sunday afternoon) when I hopped on Pinterest just before going to bed. And Voila! A friend had just “pinned” your website. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

    I love how your journals are such an expression of you. You are artistic and clearly very thoughtful. What a beautiful masterpiece you are creating for both yourself and your children.

    Thanks for inspiring me… I am off to choose my journal and get a fresh set of Micron pens tomorrow.

    (For those that asked, I have used the Sakura MICRON 001 pens in my scriptures for years. They do not bleed through, do not fade, are permanent, and they are acid free. In fact, I give each of my seminary students one at the beginning of each year and I constantly have “old” students coming up to me asking to borrow one. I highly recommend them.)

  54. Thank you for sharing this! It just occured to me, as I’m reading it, what I will do for our New Year’s Day lesson – your scripture journals! I don’t keep up on my regular journal much anymore, but I do find myself entering things of a spiritual nature, so this is the answer.

    Thank you!!

  55. I love your site. I came across it a few months ago and instantly started my own scripture journals. I am on my second book. Would you be willing to share your references and such on your section on Mary, mother of Christ. I would love to see what you found in your studying. Thanks you so much for sharing your talents and your testimony!!!!

  56. This is so fabulous. I am so glad I found your blog as I begin the new year with new goals. I am excited to try out this challenge of writing a scripture journal. I have always been a big fan of writing in a personal journal, and your scripture journal is right up my alley. I love how your journaling is so insightful as well as artistically created.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us,

  57. you are a gift! thank you for sharing! i just found you & added your blog to my google reader. just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me when i needed it! ♥

  58. Hello from Canada! I just went out and bought our journals today. My 12 and 10 year old are going to start our journals on Sunday. I saw this on pinterest and fell in love with the idea and immediately thought that it would also be a good idea for my older kids. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

  59. Ok so I’m 13 and let me tell you I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! So I was wondering if you had methods to record your studies… Like chapter studies or character studies… Or if you just pretty much wrote the info down because I have a journal and a Bible I would like to use this for but I’m not sure how to record my insights. Thanks

  60. I just added your website to my home page. I wanted to tell you about this amazing website I found that sends you various forms of the bible such as emails, a text with a bible verse, and calling with a 1 minute bible passage at specific times of the day which you set. I thought you might like it.

  61. I am SO blown away by your Scripture Journals and Bible studies. I mean, I have been here several times in the past couple of days just looking and reading and getting really inspired. Whew! Just amazing. Love your study of the Word!

    I vote that you use your handwriting to create a font we can all use. Of course, then we will ALL have websites that look alike. HA

  62. Shannon,

    I LOVE this! I started my journal last week and I and having SO much fun and I’m learning more than I ever did before! I just had a question. You list “Can You Imagine? 09-10′ Seminary Theme” as one of the topics and I can’t seem to find the actual theme anywhere… Could you post that so I can copy it into my journal? Thanks for all you do! 🙂

    I am so impressed by you! I even mentioned your blog in my talk about scripture study this last Sunday. Couldn’t have given the talk without your help 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  63. I absolutely Love this! (Although I have to say my handwriting wouldn’t look as nice as yours!) What a fantastic gift to leave my kids and grandkids! Also a great way to pass on my testimony of the scriptures, and my love of the Savior!

  64. Have you considered publishing your journals?
    If not, you should. Just as they are. No editing, no type.
    I’d buy them in a heartbeat.
    Enjoying “thumbing” through your site.

    Blessings and Divine Inspiration to you,

  65. I love the section of scripture journals. I have been wandering how to begin. I really like how you have began your journals. I would like to replicate the general outline of the journals. Therefore, I clicked on the notation to set-up scripture journals. But the page opened to a blank pdf file. Can you help me? Thank you, I would really like to begin a scripture journal.


    1. Hi Gerald!
      I am so thrilled that you would like all of these. On each post there is a link to where you can print each thing off. Do you have access to a printer?

  67. Thank you! I have been a member of the Church for 20 years. Your blog on Scripture Journals has made me realize that the way I have studied the scriptures in the past doesn’t work. I don’t get what is being taught. I am a map guy not a written directions guy. Although my first entry is not an neat as yours (I might even re-do it)I have learned more in 2 days on the Plan of Salvation than all other times combined. Thank you again.

  68. This is fantastic! thank you for sharing…. I love to journal and draw as I study it just helps me to retain the info better, and if I forget its soo much easier to find my notes than read through someone else’s notes

  69. I’ve really been feeling lately that in the new year with my goal to study the scriptures more thoroughly before my mission I should have a scripture journal, your site has helped so much! You’ve inspired me and hopefully I can have journals as great as yours! 🙂

  70. HELP!!!!! WHERE DID U GET YOUR JOURNAL??? The one that is open in the first picture. i have been looking everywhere for a big blank journal like that! WHERE DID U GET IT?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Hi Steph!
      I got that journal at the BYU Bookstore – but I think it may look bigger than it really is – I write pretty small 🙂 I think that particular journals is about 8 x 6 or so. I hope you find what you are looking for! 🙂

  71. Hello I agree they are so very valuable. I have used compsition books for this for nearly 40 years. Most have been redecorated on the out side. With things from contact paper to cloth,to wraping paper to scrapbook paper to maps to menues from trips. My life are in those books. Prayers, various people, sermons, quotes, scripture, dreams, inlightenments, the Holy Spirit talking to me, the wonderful GOD things.. they are truly treasures.. I ought to get them all together in one spot. It is a treasure to me.. I do like the idea of more pictures.

  72. Shannon, thanks for the excellent tutorials! This one is my favorite thus far. I am adapting your methods into my journaling and looking forward to seeing it grow. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your ideas and including photos.

  73. Hey! I have a journal for the Book of Mormon and another one for General Conferences, firesides and other stuff, but I think it’s a great idea to do the topic thing, hehe! Thanks a lot, I’m buying my notebook tomorrow 🙂

  74. Thank you for such an inspiring website! Im a brand new mom and for me to see all of this is really inspiring♥

  75. What a blessing, thanks for sharing!! I have never journaled only put it in my Bible. Now, I can do this and have soo much more room to write without a dozen arrows.

  76. WOW…how inspiring and what a unique way to record all those spirit-led moments… I have just recorded these intermittently in my journal or in study books and have amassed a chaotic sort of record. This is an amazingly great way to keep records concise, appealing and organised – love it ! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  77. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas. I have been doing a scripture journal for a few months, and have really enjoyed it. But it still didn’t feel as effective as I thought it should be. Then last week I really needed some spiritual help and I started flipping through the past entries. I found exactly the quotes and inspiration I needed. Thank you! This has really made a difference in my life.

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