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These quotes can be used with YW lesson #21 on “Sharing the Gospel”

And…  might I add…

I absolutely LOVE these quotes!!!

sharing the gospel

The first one is a great comparison about how sharing the Gospel is like offering a glass of orange juice to someone (or not offering it).

And the second one…

Is one of my ALL-TIME favorite quotes!  It is a real “ah-ha” moment.

They can both create a great conversation with those you are reading it with.

Here are the PDF files:

First quote:  orange juice missionary quote

When you extend to a friend an invitation to meet with the missionaries, you are offering to share something that is most valuable and cherished. Is that offensive? Sister Oaks and I have not found this to be the case. In fact, we have found that when we offer to share the gospel, friendships are strengthened, even though the friends may not embrace the gospel message. Consider that you are invited to a friend’s house for breakfast. On the table you see a large pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice from which your host fills his glass. But he offers you none. Finally, you ask, “Could I have a glass of orange juice?” He replies, “Oh, I am sorry. I was afraid you might not like orange juice, and I didn’t want to offend you by offering you something you didn’t desire.” Now, that sounds absurd, but it is not too different from the way we hesitate to offer up something far sweeter than orange juice. I have often worried how I would answer some friend about my hesitancy when I meet him beyond the veil.

Second quote:  warning voice eyring


  1. Oh my gosh! That last quote is amazing! I just gave that lesson to my girls last week and this is something I will for sure have to share with them. I gave them little glow sticks to ‘share their light’ and they were only allowed to break them once they shared the gospel with someone. At our activity Wednesday night a few had already done so and were so excited to break their sticks! It was also a wake up call to me. We all need to be sharing this gift and life with everyone around us because what a sad day it will be if one of our friends comes up to us later and asks why we didn’t warn them when we knew how to. Thanks for your uber cool website. I just love it!!

  2. Thank you. My 8 year old daughter came home from her cousins house telling me that her and her cousin were going to go and do some missionary work. She went through her scriptures and marked them and then went to the childrens Friend to find a story. She was so excited to share what she loves, the Gospel. Thanks for these wonderful quotes. You are amazing and I appreicate your example in my life.

  3. Thanks for the quotes. I shared them with my 13 year old son and he used the top one in his talk on Sunday 🙂

  4. thanks for sharing…I loved the quote by Pres. Eyring! Yes, a perfect “ah-ha” moment…Just shared it with the Missionaries we had over last night for dinner…they loved it.

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