Scripture Study Presentation: Marking and Studying

This is a PDF presentation on Scripture Study! TONS of great ideas!!! You will get so many ideas from this! Use this with yourself, family or youth group!


I have been working on this for MONTHS!

A little here and there… and today – here it is!

This is a 34 page PDF that is a presentation full of SCRIPTURE STUDY IDEAS!


This is a presentation with TONS of great ideas for studying your scriptures! There are SO MANY awesome ideas!!


There are 6 tips with lots of examples, pictures, and suggestions.

This is a scripture study presentation. TONS of really great ideas! Everyone should see this!

You can use this for yourself, or as a Family Home Evening or church group activity.


This is a note page to go with the scripture study presentation! So great!


This is a paper that you can print out for yourself or for each person who is looking at this with you.  It is a place to keep your notes and thoughts.

* If you are planning on putting together a presentation for a group, I suggest that you go through it and jot down thoughts,  ideas and questions to talk about on certain pages.  The presentation is pretty self-expanatory, but this would help to involve the entire group.

This is in a PDF format rather than a Power Point because it is a much more stable option when opening in your computer – if I had done a powerpoint, it would likely have opened with crazy formatting and would have been hard to read. So, just zoom out so that you can see the entire page, and then press the space bar which will scroll down for you a page at a time.

However – does anyone know how to change a PDF to a Powerpoint for those of you who would like that option?


Here is the Presentation:

Scripture Study Presentation

Here is the Note Page:

scripture study presentation questions handout

And if you would like to STUDY about the importance of scripture study, check out this study packet:

This is a 26 page PDF that you can print out and study the topic of SCRIPTURE STUDY.

You can read more about what is in this packet here.

14 thoughts on “Scripture Study Presentation: Marking and Studying

  1. What perfect timing!! My children are ages 8,10, and 11 and we are working hard on their Faith In God requirements… today we began really learning how to mark and study Scriptures… you can bet I will be using this!!!!!! Thank you so much! <3
    Also…. how do you feel about letting me share this on my website ? I think it would be such a blessing for all parents! Love, JL~

  2. Thank you! This is wonderful…

    Would love to use this in YW. Is there a way I can put this into a Power Point Presentation? I am having a hard time seeing the whole page on my laptop screen without having to scroll thru the page.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the scripture study tools you’ve so beautifully put together!! Thank you for taking the time to make them so special!!

    I’ve purchased the two and downloaded the others. I was wondering if you’d consider making the scripture study idea guide available without the adorable green striped background. I love the look of it and would love to print it out but am concerned about ink usage. Is there a chance you could email me a copy without the background lines??

    I really love the pictures of your journal with the ideas you’ve used. I’m a visual person and being able to see them makes a world of difference. I’d love to share those images if I possibly can.

    Thanks again for your amazing work!!

  4. Thought you would want to know, on the page with Mary, the final thought isn’t finished. “You never know how much they will mean to your _____.”

  5. This looks really nice. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Just one word of warning about the post-it notes – make sure the sticky part only goes in the margins. I’ve found that after awhile, when placed on the print, that the sticky pulls some of the print off the page.

  6. I just found your blog and it’s great! I am very much a visual learner and I love the maps and stories you come up with. You should do something with the Personal Progress and Duty to God programs to get youth more excited about the projects they can do. Thanks for your tips and advice. You rock!

  7. This is fantastic!!! Thank you so much. I found you on youtube today, giving a presentation at a Super Saturday somewhere, which led me to your blog. Oh, I’m loving all your help. Thank you:)

  8. Thanks so much for all of your posts, products, and pieces! I am Terrified of Teaching and this helps me every other week. I am still that person sitting at the computer freaking out & stressing on Sunday mornings but at least I know I’m going in better prepared than trying this alone! Thanks again! (I’m headed to breathe in a paper bag – woo hoo! Done & I still have an hour before sacrament!)

  9. Just a thought for those who want to use the presentation as a power point. You might try to copy and paste each pdf page onto a slide in a presentation as an image. Basically, each slide would be the image of the pdf page. I hope that makes sense.

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