Book of Mormon Paper Dolls- The Red Headed Hostess

There are so many ways to teach your children the scriptures.  And here is one more.

In the past, if I wanted a child to tell me a story in their own words, I’ll usually have them draw it or dress up and act it out.  This allows me to see how well they know and understand the story.

But here is a whole new way.  Paper dolls.

Personally, I haven’t found a great deal of success using the children’s scripture readers, alone.  I like them as a tool.  But not as the only source, the end-all.  If I read a story, how do I know if they have internalized it?  Remembered it?  Applied it?

So with these little guys you can really test your children, by:

Reading the story to them and having them act out each scene

Reading a story to them, stopping, and then having them act out the rest of the scene

Or whatever your imagination can come up with!

So here is what you need:

4 printouts:

The people




And a background.

So far, I have the city scene ready.

It comes in 2 parts.  Just color them and glue them on the inside of a folder and then label the tab with the scene.

Here are your printouts:

People:  Paper Dolls

Hair:  Paper Doll Hair

Clothing:  Book of Mormon Clothing

Accessories:  Book of Mormon accessories

City Background:  Book of Mormon city background #1

Book of Mormon City Background #2

I would print them out on white cardstock and laminate them if possible

As a starter, here is a list of people you should make:

4 Nephites Boys

3 Nephite Girls

3 Lamanite Boys

3 Lamanite Girls

1 Nephite King

1 Lamanite King

3 Nephite Warriors

3 Lamanite Warriors

1 Prophet

1 Jesus Christ

*  As you tell specific stories that need certain things (food, animals, etc) – find some clipart online, or have your children draw them

*  Keep your supplies in little baggies.


  1. I used these great paper dolls in my primary lesson on JACOB AND HIS FAMILY from the Old Testament. Of course, fashion was different in Old Testament times; so I had to redesign the clothing but was still able to use the patterns. I colored 22 paper dolls and clothing for each with the name of the character written down the center of each garment. Example: Jacob, Rachel, Leah…. I attached self-adhesive magnet tape on the back of each doll, garment, hair, and beard. (Abraham and Esau were the only ones who got beards in my lesson….and Esau only got one because he was “hairy”.) I drew a geneological diagram on the chalkboard beginning with Abraham and Sarah, but instead of writing the names on the board, I put an undressed paper doll on the board wherever a name would appear on the family tree. As the children entered the classroom, their attention was drawn to 22 paper dolls on the chalkboard. They wondered why they were only in underwear. As the lesson progressed and a new character was introduced, class members dressed a doll on the board with the proper identifiable clothing. I had the clothing, hair, and beards on two lap-size magnetic white boards, which made it easy to locate the correct clothing to dress the dolls. The kids loved it, and they learned the story of Jacob, his marriages, and his 12 sons (and daughter, Dinah). Each son (and Dinah) was represented by a paper doll under the proper mother (four mothers). By the time we were finished, the Twelve Tribes of Israel were represented on the board…..and they barely fit across the chalkboard.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have no idea how I have never seen your site before, but you share amazing ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents with us.

  3. This is so cute! Thanks. I was looking for something to keep my kids entertained during General Conference. I think they will love this.

  4. I LOVE your site. I’m going to let my kids make these as they watch Conference tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful ideas!

  5. Thank you for the great idea. I have mine all printed out and we will start coloring them during conference this morining. I appreciate how much you share with us and how much you are teaching me!! Thank you again

  6. This is amazing. I am going to have my kids make one during conference. Thank you for sharing your artwork and making it easy for the rest of us- thank you, thank you!!!

  7. Love this! I am coloring as we speak, we have been needing something to act out the stories to help my daughter understand, one night we attempted to use her little pet shops lol… Do you happen to have any other scenes? Or will you in the future? Like them in the wilderness maybe in a tent? Or in the boat Nephi built? Thanks!

  8. FINALLY!!! I ahve all girls and we LOVE paper dolls! Every conference they get them them out and play with them- even the oldest who’s 12. This so AWESOM! THANK YOU!! PLUS you can even put flannel on the back of them and make them flannel board stories!!!!!! YAY I’m so happy to have found these!!

  9. I just announced to my girls and they stopped chool and came running to see! They are as excited as I am! Thanks again!
    Oh, BTW the girls just noticed that were no tabs on the clothes to hold them on. SO you might want to make extra dolls if you want to glue the outfits on or you will need to draw some tabs on!

  10. How do you attach clothes and all to the dolls, e.g. when the kids use this in sacrament meeting? Blue tack?

    Congrats on becoming a mom – birthing and motherhood are great, even if both are like hiking a mountain! Wobderful, frustrating and inspiring and everything that matters most!

  11. Thank you! I will be using these in my CTR 4&5 class this coming year. I appreciate all of your wonderful ideas and submissions. You are truly inspired and amazingly talented!

  12. i was wondering if you had a fiished picture of them…im a little embarassed, but im not sure what each figure is supposed to be wearing.

  13. I found your blog while preparing for a Book of Mormon activity for my Activity Day Girls. These paper dolls are just darling and your journals are amazing! So inspirational!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us and I can’t wait to use these paper dolls with my own little ones at home.
    God bless,

  14. Love these! Thanks for all the work you put into it, and that you are willing to share. For those wanting to do flannel boards: if you use heavy pellon (found at fabric stores) you can trace and color with fabric markers and they will stick straight to flannel boards. You can actually cut it to paper sized sheets and print on it, but the ink will need to be set, and the colors aren’t as bright.

  15. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with everyone! These are fabulous! I’m going to try and make them all out of felt. Now that I have your printouts, I don’t have to draw my own patterns. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. I found another lady who drew up a couple more people and backgrounds, not many though. I started drawing a few more, and I think it would be great if we could do the whole Book of Mormon! But I would need some help! Check out the project here ~

    If anyone wants to help let me know! Thanks for starting this whole thing! It is a great way to really involve children with the stories from the scriptures!

  17. thank you so much for sharing. i was just called to primary!! i have been trying to find something like this!! thank you!!

  18. SOOOO freakin’ excited!!!!!!! My kids LOVE paper dolls and I saw these and thought – “Well, I’ll look at how she made hers and see if I can be creative enough to make something sort of similar or something.” Then I found yours and that I can PRINT them! I think you just gave me the VERY best early Christmas gift EVER! Thank you a million times over!

  19. Thank you! My girls also LOVE paper dolls. You are so sweet to share your hard work. I know this will help the scriptures come alive for my kids. I am thinking they may find their way into my Sunday school lessons as well some days. 🙂

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