Church Magazine Mosaic Plate- The Red Headed Hostess

Are you like me…

and have stacks of Church magazines at your house

and you don’t know what to do with them?

I have, at times, closed my eyes and thrown them away.  Pretending like it wasn’t me.  It was someone else.

I wouldn’t throw away a Church magazine… I may need them one day… and they are full of good things… and it just doesn’t feel right.

Am I alone on this?

So, I came up with a solution!

I took out my stacks of magazines and we sorted through them and made these themed mosaics on paper plates.

And I did NOT feel guilty throwing away the remains.

This is the Jesus Christ themed plate.  I love it.

You just gather several pictures, turn the plate over, and glue them into place – and then finish it off with a layer of modge podge.

The only thing you need to make sure to do, is cut some of the pictures larger than you want so you can wrap it around the sides.

The kids in my special needs class made these.

It was so fun because everyone knew what themes the others had so they were all finding pictures for each other.

I love this one on baptism

Everyone loved doing this.  I love finding crafts that even  the boys like.

I can imagine this with all of the Young Women values.

Or the Living Christ document with pictures.

At girls camp?

…  ideas anyone?


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  1. GREAT idea. I am the YW president in my ward and we will definitely be doing this. Thank You so much. I know Heavenly Father has blessed me greatly when He lead me to your web site.

  2. I am just like you. I packed around years of church magazines because I couldn’t throw them away. And then one day I decided to make some quiet books for my kids (11,8,5 & 3) using the wonderful pictures from the magazines. All I did was carfully rip or cut out the picture and place it in a page protector and then into a duo-tang. I have one that is just pictures of Christ, another of temples and then one more with pictures of Joseph Smith and other latter day prophets. My kids LOVE them and it is a great way to keep their little minds on the right things during sacrament.
    I just found your site and I am loving every minute I spend here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think this is a great idea AND I wondered how it would work if you decopaged the pictures to the back side of a clear glass plate….then you could even eat off of them or use them for serving dishes! I think you could make a very special plate to celebrate birthdays, or one for baptisms, etc….thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog!

  4. I throw away the old Ensign/New Era/Friend as soon as I receive the new one. Sometimes before I receive the new one. Just sayin’…
    I have the opposite problem of hoarding. Whenever my kids can’t find something, they accuse me of throwing it away. There’s always a good chance that they are right!
    Nevertheless, I like the idea!

  5. Gonna do this and put my grand children in it too. I like putting my grand kids in the manger scene at Christmas.

  6. I always feel bad about throwing my church magazines out as well! I started putting them in our “Sunday box” and my boys use them to make collages… and I have that as an activity on General Conference as well. I’ve also had the YW do collages to pass of a personal progress goal.

  7. This week I read a couple blogs I found on Pinterest regarding “Random Acts of Kindness” 2 bloggers did for people. One random act of kindness both bloggers shared was prepare a treat or meal bag for a homeless/ beggar that may approach them on the streets, at the store, or where ever and handed them out. One blogger even keeps a couple zip lock bags filled with goodies to handout in her car. The other blogger did as many as 35 random acts of kindness on her birthday! After reading these blogs I felt compelled to do just the same because in Oakland (like any city) you are constantly approached by homeless people everyday and this is a great opportunity to serve as I have looking for ways to do just that! Your blog has inspired me to stick a message with a picture of Christ or some craft made from old magazines (or my local temple or something pertinent to the gospel as well) in the zippy bag. Leaving physical and nourishment in a bag….woohoo!!

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