Faith People- The Red Headed Hostess

This is Mr. Grasshead.

And he is hear to teach your kids about faith…

How faith is like a little seed…

And if you take care of it everyday…

It grows!

And the more he is nourished… the more hair he gets.

So his hair is kind of like faith.

And this object lessons keeps going on day after day…

And if your kids forget to water and the hair dies… that is a teaching moment.

And if they water faithfully and his hair gets really bushy… that is a teaching moment.

Just put potting soil in a cup and have your kids make a face for their cup person.

I think googley eyes would be a great addition.

And flowers could be fun too rather than grass… like some alyssum.

Just don’t do what I did and use the Miracle Grow Moisture Control Soil… it protects from you over or under watering…

And though it is a great thing for our pots of flowers – its not a very good thing for teaching about the importance of diligent nourishing.

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  1. Just had to let you know the family did this for FHE last night. The kids loved it!! We read from Alma and then made our people. They turned out super cute – Some even ended up being Jedi Knights (with lightsaber of course) and we finished off the activity with s’mores. Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  2. I just found your website and I’m really excited. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father inspires creative people like you to do things like you are doing on your site that bless the rest of us. Thank you!

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