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This is a great activity for all of us.  It consists of elements of the Plan of Salvation and tests our ability to put it in the correct order – and then… the pictures within each part of the plan can (and will) invite discussion and questions.

If you have little kids, print off 2 copies of the Plan, and then lay it out in order and then take the other set and hand them one picture at a time and have them match the pictures by laying their picture on top of the ones you put out.  As they get more used to this, start taking pictures out and have them fill in the missing pieces.

In case you want to double check your order – here you go:

Premortal life

Birth/Fall and the veil and Satan’s 1/3 cast to the Earth


Physical Death

The Spirit World

The Ressurrection

Final Judgment

Then the 3 degrees of glory:

Celestial Kingdom

Terrestrial Kingdom

Telestial Kingdom

and then Outer Darkness

Don’t tell your kids all of the answers to the pictures – have them search in their scriptures to interpret them for themselves


I have removed this file because there were some doctrinal issues that I couldn’t get answered. I still don’t know if they were wrong, and I talked to several people and they thought it was correct – but we couldn’t get it securely answered. So when I had the graphic designers remake them, I made the changes so it taught pure, unquestionable doctrine. Plus it looks way better better than my hand drawings.

HERE is our Illustrated Plan of Salvation Package.

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  1. I stumbled on your site this evening and am so excited! My story is similar but opposite – does that even make sense?! *laughing* My life hasn’t gone how I had expected either, but it is completely perfect. I always tease my husband after enjoying the benefit of hindsight when a trial has passed, “Wow. God really does know best!”
    I thought I would go to school, get my degree, become a teacher, start teaching…and some where along the way get married and start a family if the right guy came along in the middle. Yeah. I was engaged by the end of my first semester at the age of 19. He joined the Army and we now have 5 children after 10 years of marriage. (Never finished my schooling or got that teaching job – at least not the way I thought about it)!
    Any way, with conference coming up, I was looking for some extra ideas to help with my younger children. I didn’t know when I started looking that I’d end up finding the perfect site to help ME learn and study the gospel. *smiles* Thank you! I am going to be visiting your site Often.

  2. Thank you. I don’t know you other than the tidbits I learn from your site. I was recently called as a seminary teacher for the first time – 17 of the most wonderful young people! Your site doesn’t just give me ideas – it gives me a happy, willing heart to teach. It makes me realize how blessed I am and I am so full of gratitude for the sacred ground I walk on each morning. I look forward to sharing more of your experiences with you.

    Do have one request if I may. Your plan of salvation pictures in black and white – are those on your site and I just can’t find them? I don’t have a color printer or access to one and would love to use these in my lesson. Just add my request to your pile and answer when life gives you a spare moment.

    I’ve also taken on your scripture marking ideas and I am learning like never before. The words aren’t new to me but my eyes are seeing like never before! I mention you in my prayers frequently and hope many blessing come your way. Thank you for sharing yourself. You have become a friend that I will probably never meet – at least not in this life.

    Much love,
    Janet Bennett

  3. I love the plan of salvation you put together. Is it available in the black and white version? I would love to use it as part of a young women activity this week. Thanks!

  4. I am soooooo excited to find you. I will using this for FHE tonight. I am in the YW presidency and wish I had found your site sooner!!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your talents and insights. It’s truly a gift. 🙂

  5. I love, love, love this. Please make the larger size and also Black and White. I have a child with a disability that wants to serve a mission. We need all the help we can get.
    Thank you

  6. This is great, thank you! I drew up a similar set when I was on my mission that was in my scriptures for many years. But it wasn’t nearly as detailed. This will be great to use with my family.

  7. Thank you for all you share. We made scrpture journals with our YW at an overnight beach retreat. Now I would like to reinforce the concept by working through the plan of Salvation Activity. I would love to use the black and white version as we also gave them small sets of colored pencils. Will it be available soon? Thanks

  8. Hi, Shannon. Thanks a lot for sharing this. That’ll help me teach this doctrine to my children and students. I would love to use the black and white version too. Did you have the chance of posting it? I couldn’t find it so far. Hugs from Brazil. Dani

  9. Thank you so so so much! These are just darling. I really appreciate you sharing your talent to help enrich teaching! My kids will love these for our FHE lesson tonight. I am laminating them so they can each have their own set for a long time. Thanks again for sharing!! (o:

  10. I love this. I am going to make a little fold out and give it to my son who is leaving on his mission soon. What a great tool -colored so well and drawn so simply.

  11. Any update on the larger size, and the black and white version of the plan of salvation copy? I would love to use those at your suggestion to start teaching this to my 2 yr-old and 4-yr old.

  12. I am the 1st coun. in YW and I’m introducing FEB.’s theme, The Plan of Salvation. I’d love to use this somehow! As a handout at the end, during, blown up for the board? I’d love the girls to fill in where everything goes! Ideas?

  13. My husband and I are preparing to teach the Plan of Salvation to our 12 and 13-year-old Sunday school class. Have you made the B&W version of this yet? I would love for them to be able to put it in their Sunday School journals and fill in the blanks as we go through the month.

    1. Yes! One of the graphic designers I am working with made one and it is available for a few dollars on the download store. You can print as many as you need once you download it. There is also a larger size available if you want a display.
      Thanks Beverly!

  14. I have to say I am a little bummed….I printed your hand drawn one and gave it to my brother in-law two weeks ago. We both teach 16yr Sunday School. I just bought the new one…but can you sell your hand drawn one too?

  15. Andrea, my guess is the incorrect doctrine had to do with the statement “Satan’s 1/3 cast to the earth.”

    While one-third of Heavenly Father’s spirit children did follow Satan, it was not to earth. The two-thirds of us who chose to follow Jesus Christ are who came to earth.

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