Family Home Evening Ideas that Teach the Proclamation

Here is a fun Family Home Evening idea for your family to really think through the Proclamation to the World on the Family. This idea I have shared before using scriptures from Joseph Smith History… but this time, it is for the Proclamation.

Here I took the proclamation from and copied and pasted it onto a simple word document.

Then, I put at least a double space between each line and then printed it off, and cut each line up.


Then give individual, or pairs, in your family a set with all of the cut up lines and see if they can put it in the right order.

The good thing about this activity is that they must really digest each line in order to try and figure out what comes next.

They may notice things they have never noticed by just reading through it.

OK… there is my idea!

Can’t wait to hear yours!




  1. I don’t have any good ideas…that is why I am loving this Celebration! Tons of ideas! I love yours as well. I’m putting this one down as one to do! 🙂

  2. Ok I am working on one for tommorow so I will let you know. My hubby works overnight tonight so not much sleep going to happen so I need to fill time which will be spent planninng FHE. I love your ideas. Simple fun and easy.

  3. Wonderful idea! This is something I used regularly when teaching seminary years ago, but I had forgotten about using it for family night. Thanks for the reminder.

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