FHE Idea That Will Work For Any Chapter in the Scriptures!

This is a Family Home Evening Idea that can:
     1) Get every single person in your family involved
2) Challenge everyone to really learn the chapter
3)  Will take the load of preparation off of the parents!
So here is what you need:
Index cards
A prize
And here are your instructions:
1- The night before Family Home Evening, call your family together and give each person 5 index cards
2-  Explain to them that they need to write 5 questions about 1 Nephi 1 (or whatever chapter you choose)
* the questions can be easy or difficult
* there just needs to be a clear, correct answer
3-  On each card, they need to write a question and 4 possible answers (as shown above)
4-  They need to highlight the correct answer
5-  And they need to write their name in the bottom left hand corner
Here are some examples:
You can even have them write 1 question about themselves, like:
You may find out some things about your family you wouldn’t have otherwise found out
Then – on the night of Family Home Evening, take everyone’s questions and shuffle them together and place them face down in the middle of the table.
Either get into teams, or play individually.
Show, or decide on the prize for the winner(s)
(the losing team has to do the dishes, make our beds, sing us to sleep, etc)
Then go around clockwise, drawing questions and answering them.  Someone beside the team answering should be the question asker.
If you get the answer correct, take the card and make a stash of correct answers.
If you get it incorrect, the card goes back in the bottom of the pile
* Sometimes you will get your own card.  You can decide if people should be able to answer their own questions.
* The person with the most cards wins
* If there is a tie, then one person gets to write a tie breaker question from the chapter Final Jeopardy Style: which means they are aksed a question and the people tied write down their answer with how many points they want to win or lose.  (For example, if they both have 10 cards, they can put anywhere from 0-10 on their card with their answer, then if one writes “8”, and they get the right answer, they will have 18 points.  But if they get the wrong answer they will lose 8 points)
*Also, if you write the chapter in the lower right hand corner, then you can save these cards each time you play and then pull them all out once in awhile for a review game.
*The more you play, and the better the prizes, the more challenging the questions will get,  and the more intently your family will study that chapter!
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