Scripture Puzzle (a Scripture Learning Tool)

This year there is a SUPER LONG Scripture Mastery Scripture

It is 5 verses long!

Here is a tool that you can use in your class or family that will:

1-  Help you understand the scripture better 2-  Think about it in a analytical way 3-  Get the scripture into your head First, copy  whatever scripture or group of scriptures you want to do this with and paste it on a Word document. Then print it off and cut it up into individual strips And try and put it in the right order. You have to really think about each phrase and where it would belong. You can team up your family or class in groups of 2 and race to see who can do it the fastest! In fact – you can do this for several rounds and see if they can get faster and faster! One thing that is really fun, is when you tell them that there is going to be another round – they start reading this over like crazy and trying to memorize it. AND THEN…. You make it harder next time…. heh…heh..heh…


–  This is great with ANY scripture mastery scripture –  It would also be great with The Proclamation to the Family or The Living Christ –  And it would be great with any block of scripture you want your class or family to analyze like this. – You could also do this with the new 2011 Mutual Theme

A couple of variations:

1-  Divide the family/class into 2 teams and then within those teams pair everyone up.  After the first pair thinks they have correctly put their scripture in order, they raise their hand and then you come and check it.  After you have confirmed it is correct (the easiest way is to have the full scripture print out and just look at the first words in each line), then they can go help other pairs on their team… and so on until everyone on the team is helping the last pair (and this way they work on this scripture multiple times 🙂 ).   Trust me… kids LOVE this game. 2-  Play “Beat the Teacher/Leaders/Dad” = whoever beats you gets a treat.   Here is the PDF for Joseph Smith History:  jsh scripture And here it is with the first letters to aid in memorization:  jsh memorization help


  1. This is a great idea for The Living Christ. All the girls in our stake (and leaders) are memorizing it before girls camp in June. I will use this as a fun activity to keep the girls going. THANKS!

  2. Awesome! My Beehive daughter and I will be working on memorizing The Living Christ for the value project. This is a great way to memorize! My son likes to use the first letter of each word to memorize the scripture mastery scriptures.

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