Some Fun Conference Crafts…The Red Headed Hostess

If you are looking for some quiet crafts …

Quiet Crafts:  crafts that can be done during General Conference that do not distract from the speakers and help keep little hands busy.

Here Ya Go…


Book of Mormon Paper Dolls


Proclamation to the Family Banner


Proclamation to the Family Pillow


These Church Magazine Mosaic Plates



Or this Birch Moss Wreath


If YOU have any ideas – leave a description or the link in your comments!




  1. Oooh, thank you for posting those paper dolls! They are just what I have been dreaming of to help my little ones with our scripture study. I’m thinking I’ll do one set for Conference, and a second set to put in their Easter baskets. Awesome!

  2. I love the paper dolls! I didn’t want to color all of it by hand so I colored them with the help of photo shop. If you would like a copy of them, I can e-mail them to you. Let me know.

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