General Conference Countdown- Family Home Evening Idea

Fun way to get your kids excited for General Conference! Free printable to count down each day leading up to conference!

With the General Conference countdown, here is a fun idea to help get your family excited!

Just print off the PDF below:

PDF: 14 days until Conference

Then split them up among your family and have them decorate the page which will be displayed in your home on their appropriate day.

Here are some ideas of what they can do on their personal pages:

  • Look through the past conference Ensign or online and find a quote they love and write it on their page
  • Draw a picture of your family watching General Conference
  • Draw a picture of your family participating in one of your General Conference family traditions
  • Draw a picture of the prophet speaking
  • Draw a picture of the boys going to Priesthood
  • Draw a picture or write about things you hope to learn about
  • Write about what your family can do to prepare for General Conference


Also  check out our General Conference Doodle Flip Books!

Fun way to take notes for General Conference! There is a page for every Apostle with doodles and pictures you can color as you listen and take notes.


You can read about them HERE.


  1. This is great! my kids will love it! I think we might cut pictures out of the Ensign and The Friend and make a few into collages.

  2. I am hanging these outside on my door to share the gospel with my neighbors, and UPS employees! 🙂
    I also put the website on it to show how to tune into this round of conference messages!
    While I watch conference in my home, I am thinking about hanging a picture up (outside on my door again) of who is currently speaking at the time with some sort of wording to indicate that.

    I live near our apartment’s park, so I hope to get a lot of views!

  3. How simply fantastic!!! I definitely want to do this with my boys!

    I so enjoyed meeting you last night and I happened to remember {on the drive home of course} that Ashley and I had talked about you at EVO. I was wondering why your blog seemed so familiar to me. I sure hope we get the chance to hang out again in the future!

  4. Thank you so much for this idea, and especially for making the printable free. This will be our second time doing it, and we loved it so much last time. We have 6 in our family on earth and so if we do it for FHE tonight, that means we each get to do 2 pages — perfect. 🙂

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