Make-Your-Own General Conference Review Game

Here is a little idea that you could use to review conference with your family or class…

Before General Conference…

Pass a set of these cards out to your family or class and have THEM all write questions from General Conference.

You can see above what each card looks like.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see what questions your kids or class comes up with?

This is how many come to a page.

And in case you have kids that don’t write yet… or ones that do – but just love to draw…

There are some cards that look like this too.

THEN – when conference is over, for Family Night, or the following lesson, have everyone compile their cards together and play a trivia game.

Here is the suggested game that comes with the packet:

A few suggestions with this packet:

  1. As noted above, a bowl of candy is placed in the middle of the table, and every time you get one right – you get to choose a piece of candy.  I would choose a very desirable candy for this game and place it in the center of the table BEFORE General Conference to help motivate them.
  2. If you use this with your class – I would take the bowl of candy to class THIS Sunday with a sign not to touch until after General Conference.  Visual incentives are very effective.
  3. While playing the game, if they get their own question – all the better.  That is one reward for participating in the question making.
  4. Give your family or class the note taking packet posted yesterday and make the game “open notes” – you may be surprised how diligently they take notes.
  5. If working with Young Men – giving them the challenge to stump each other may be a very entertaining.  However, you may need to tell them that they need to be legitimate questions… not questions like “how many times did they say ‘the’…” 🙂
  6. When PRINTING THESE CARDS save it to your computer first and then print it!  If printing directly from the link below, it may not be the proper proportions.

Here is the PDF: General Conference Trivia cards


  1. Thanks for all your work Shannon! General Conference this year will be tons of fun. 🙂 I love your ideas. And my kids thank you in advance too. 🙂

  2. You are seriously the coolest! I don’t have one single creative bone in my body, so I have to rely on stealing ideas from every one else. I’m so thankful for all of your hard work, dedication and willingness to share all you come up with. You have really enriched the activities that I do with my family and Y.W. PLEASE keep sharing. I don’t know what I would do with out you. Out of everything I’ve seen on the internet, I like your ideas the best!

  3. I LOVE THIS! I am a seminary teacher, and unfortunately today was our last day of class before conference (next week is spring break). I so wish I had been able to pass these cards out today! Oh, well, there’s always next year. What a great idea, to have the kids come up with the questions.

  4. Thanks for the idea. I think even though we didn’t hand out question cards before conference, we can still come together for the game and have them make up the questions from their notes. (We always play a game to review, so we take copious notes. It keeps us all awake and helps us remember things that were important to us.) I am thinking about letting the person who answers the question putt a golf ball into an electronic practice cup before they pick their question. They can choose from the easy (close) line, the medium (middle) line, or the hard (far) line to putt from. They earn 100 points for their team from the easy, 200 from the medium, and 400 from the hard line. Or something like that. My 9 year old does better when he moves around a little bit.

  5. Thanks, Shannon! These cards are perfect for our Young Women group. We’re having a General Conference Bowl a couple of weeks after conference, but before the Ensign comes out. 🙂

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