General Conference Trivia Game- The Red Headed Hostess

Here is a fun way to prepare your family or class for General Conference!

There are all sorts of questions that will test your knowledge of the Brethren, the Conference center, the Tabernacle Choir, and various questions about General Conference.

Do you know who is who in these younger year pictures???

Can you fill in all of the blanks here?


Here are the instructions. Β This would make a great Family Home Evening!

Here is the trivia game PDF: Β General Conference

Also, check out our website here!


  1. I cannot say THANK YOU enough. My husband and I are teaching the 12 year olds in Sunday School for the first time this Sunday. I’ve been looking for something to help get them excited about General Conference. This is it! Thanks again!!!

  2. We are going on a spring break road trip tomorrow…this will be a great game to help pass the time! Thank you so much!

  3. I was looking at your post from some time ago on dating. I loved some of the quotes at the end but I couldn’t read some of them and I wanted to print them off. I was mind wondering if there was anyway you could make those quotes so that I could print them. I LOVED your post regarding dating. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas and your strong testimony.

  4. Thank you for all your work, for making it so easy for everyone else… Love everything you share πŸ™‚

  5. I love this, but how do I print this out so you can’t tell what the correct choices are? If I print it out in color, you can tell the correct choice because it is in red. If I print it out in blck/white, the correct choice shows up in gray. Since it is pdf, I cannot change the red to black. Any ideas? I would love to give this to my YW class tomorrow. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for sharing this….it looks like such a fun activity. We will be using this for a YW activity this week. Is there a key or something that identifies who is who in the younger photos?

  7. I agree with Melinda this would be really fun to play with a class. I also, wanted to know how to change the answers to black.

  8. Can someone tell me the answers for the who is who game? Are they on here and I just can’t see them with my mom brain? πŸ™‚

  9. This game looks great – thanks for sharing it! One question; Is there an answer key for the pictures of the apostles when they were younger? I can’t tell who half of them are…


  10. I feel silly – I just read the answer to my question on someone else’s post. Sorry about that…

  11. I was just giggling about how your answer to trivia question 1 is wrong. . . if you live in California like we do. Here the correct answer is 9:00am. : ) Thanks for always sharing wonderful ways to keep our families and ourselves engaged in the gospel everyday! You are a wonderful blessing in our lives!

  12. Thank you so much! These are wonderful. My husband and I have grown children but we will enjoy these pages.

  13. Shannon can you tell me if your PDF files that don’t have the option to print in color or black and white will print in color only. I have my printer settings set for black only but when I printed your conference pages they printed out color. Don’t know if something is wrong with my printer or if it is just a color PDF file.

  14. Were there answers given for the younger years photos? I’d love to use this in my seminary class next week – but I can’t tell who’s who. πŸ™‚

  15. We plan to do this activity with our YW tomorrow night, but I have no idea who is who in the younger years pictures. Is there an answer key?

  16. Like the ideas–I have a CORRECTION to make on the Elder Uchtdorf & Elder Bednar question– the senior apostle isn’t the older apostle, it’s the one the prophet decides will be senior. Then that apostle is set apart before the other one. We may sustain them on the same day, but the prophet decides who will be senior.

    ps. How do we get the answers to the photos??

  17. I will be using the trivia questions for our Senior group that meets every Monday. It will be so much fun for us. Thank you for it.

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