Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs! The Red Headed Hostess

Free printable mad gabs for Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery! These are a riot!!!


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It is that time of year again!  Time to put together the Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs!

Mad Gabs is one of my favorite games – I remember the first time I played it with my friends, I was in high school it was one of those laugh-so-hard-you-cry moments.

So naturally, when I began teaching seminary, this was one of my favorite activities.  It is a riot!

Lets see how you do – try to figure out which key phrase from the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery scriptures you are saying:


Hmm?  Can you say that a little louder?  🙂


You should see me making these.  I sit here talking to myself – and sometimes I use a foreign accent.

At least I am not in my office doing it anymore.  Kids would walk by, look in, and I would say “just making some mad gabs… keep walking” – they became pretty familiar with my craziness.

How about another one?


Say it faster.

Close your eyes and say it.



I didn’t always include the entire phrase – which adds to the difficulty.

Plus I didn’t want to use any sacred names in this way.

Ok… one more?


 Has anyone come to see if you have gone nutty?


So here are a couple of suggested guidelines if you are using this in your classroom or for a youth activity:

1-  The better they know the key phrases the more fun this is

2-  I did this with the entire class and whoever could say the entire key phrase (not just what is on the card) with the reference won that round.

2-  There is always one or two students who know these and will end up dominating which could cause the others to stop trying.  So when I did this I would do it in rounds of 5.  So if a student won then they could come up and stand behind me so they could see the back side of the card.  This is a desirable position because this is where it is hilarious since they know what everyone is saying before they do.  They could stay there for 4 more rounds.  So for the first 5 rounds you get a new winner up there behind you each time.  I would have them form a line in the order they won, and then when the 6th person came up, they would take the end position and the first would then go and sit down.  So there were always 5 winners behind me.  Make sense?

OK.. here is the free printable (just print front to back)

Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs Book of Mormon


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  1. Hi. I just saw the idea for your mad gab game. I just love it. I was wondering if you had done them for all of the 25. Id love a copy if possible. Its genus!Thanks

  2. Hello! such great ideas! I would love to share them with my early morning seminary kidlets and my own kidlets for our fhe scripture study of the B.O.M.! it’s always nice to have it all prepared..and you did it for me!…please tell me how to order or download or whatever it takes…

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