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This Old Testament Scripture Mastery is GREAT for missionary prep!

It is not a memorization test, it is a comprehension test…. so do you comprehend the scripture and have the ability to apply it in the correct way?

I let my students use this scripture mastery sheet while they are taking test as well as their scriptures.

You will find that it gets easier and easier as you get further into it because the scriptures will be going through your mind… so the beginning is the hardest part.

The answer key is attached to the same PDF file, if you are using this in seminary, I would have the students correct it themselves.  You will notice that when I make a key, I don’t include answers like “c”, or “a” for the multiple choice answers.  I include the actual answer like “Moses 1:39” so that they have to think of the actual answer and hopefully look further into it if they had gotten it incorrect.

Alrightee…. here is the PDF:  ot sm test


  1. Great idea. This is what I like about your teaching instruction . It’s outside the box. It fun, a super way to look and study the scripture. Thanks once again Shannon for helping me in wanting to integrate the scripture’s like you have. Your testimony of the scripture’s is mind boggling. You help to enlighten and edify them for me. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Just found your blog and so glad I did! You have inspired me to start a scripture journal and do better on scripture study. (I love your handwriting)!

  3. What fun I had today doing the scripture mastery test. Good challenge you gave us Shannon. I must say I love your method of teaching. Today you gave us some fun questions. I was a little confused on the first question, but caught on around question three. CLICK, my mine registered what you were doing. What a great way to help us memorize
    the scripture’s. There is hope for me yet. Your student’s are going to miss you. I would hate being the one to replace you. Scary!!
    Shannon, thank you so very, very much. You are deeply appreciated. Your kindness in shareing your time, hard work, the fourteen years of studing and preparing lessons to teach your student’s. You have Arise and You Shine Forth. Wish I could meet you. Your a sweetie

  4. Just wanted to thank you for the scripture mastery test. I’ve been teaching release time for 11 years and I thought this was an outstanding application. Thank you very much and good luck with your new baby. What an exciting time of life.

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