Scripture Mastery Activity: Write the Next Word

If you want to have some fun Scripture Mastery activities, I suggest that you invest in some of these.

Small Expo boards.

They are also super handy in all kinds of Family Home Evening ideas.

You could have people draw a scripture, quote their favorite part of a chapter, guess everyone’s favorite verse in a chapter, etc……. there really are endless options.

I found a couple places you could buy some here, or here, or you could try these.

However, if any of you know another affordable place, or way, to get these – please leave a comment below.


One way I use these boards is in an activity called “Write the Next Word”

So basically I will say a phrase like:  “My word shall not pass away, but shall all be…”

And everyone has to write the next word and the first person to holds up the right word gets a point.


And you can also have them “Draw the Next Word”

So, I may say:  “And shall run and not be wary and shall walk and not ___________”

And they have to quickly draw a picture of the next word.


A couple of options with this game:

  • If you have a large group, you can put them into teams and have them pass the board to a new person after each round.  I would tell them that they can help each other, just don’t help too loudly since they will then be helping others.
  • When playing in groups, I keep score like golf – meaning the low score wins.  So, the first team to hold it up gets 1 point, the second team gets 2 points, etc…  That way every team is accountable every round.
  • If you teach seminary, I like to have an activity one day and then a quiz the next day that goes with the previous activity.  Here is an example of a quiz I would give:  Scripture Mastery Write the Next Word Doctrine and Covenants
  • I would actually use the same phrases from the quiz for the activity
  • Random note:  I actually know a family who has scripture mastery challenges after dinner everyday, and the winner doesn’t have to do the dishes.





  1. Thanks for the fun idea! One way to get cheap white boards is to get a large sheet of it from Home Depot and have them cut it up for you – which they will do for free 🙂

  2. I LOVE your ideas. This is amazing and I am so happy to follow your blog. You have such great ideas.

  3. I love your blog. I have already used so many of your ideas and I really appreciate it! You tlaked on an earlier post about 50 days to read the Book of Mormon. In our ward, we read it as part of our STOMP (Students Trying Out Moroni’s Promise) program every summer. We are starting next week–on the 11th–and I was wondering if I could get the schedule for the 50 days and just turn it into 90 days for us. I would also appreciate any advice you have on motivating youth to read–and complete!–the Book of Mormon. Thanks in advance.

  4. Great idea. I home school and we have several of those little boards on hand. I know someone who bought a large piece of the white board material (unframed) and were able to cut it into the smaller boards for cheaper. An idea if you have a larger group in mind.

  5. At Home Depot they have board that you can use but it’s very large and makes more sense if you are making several. They will cut it for you in whatever size you want. We use white duct tape around the edges and even put flannel on the back so you can also use it as a flannel board. great for FHE! I don’t remember the name of the board but when I do, I will post it. <3

  6. I recently saw a bunch of small wooden framed dri-erase boards at The Dollar Tree. I am definitely heading there on Monday now that I’ve read this post! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  7. I’ve seen this method used in my son’s math class — it sounds like a great way to involve all the students in scripture mastery, too. The math teacher assigned the kids to groups, and gave points based on the number of correct answers in the group. After tallying points, she’d explain the answer.

    I found this website:

    that says you can use styrofoam plates and water as a super cheap method. They also give several other suggestions, like using sheet protectors, etc.

  8. Either glass or ceramic work wonderfully as dry erase surfaces, so if you purchase inexpensive photo frames (say 8 x 10 frames at Dollar Tree) or smooth ceramic floor tiles at a home imrovement store (like Home Depot or Lowes), you have personal-sized dry erase boards for your students that cost $1.00 or less (or sometimes a tad more, depending on the tile). They work awesome w/ Expo markers & if you use picture frames, you can put colorful paper or whatever printouts you’d like in the frames. So there may be certain “templates” or backgrounds you’d like to print & insert for certain games or activities….just switch out the inserts & you have a different game/activity. You can even use this for class planning — ex., if you have a collage frame with 5 photo spaces, you can create a space to post plans for each class day of the week (Mon-Fri). Frames can be adapted to be used as dry erase FHE charts, etc. The possibilities are endless! 🙂

  9. I have found the white boards at Target in their dollar section, also at the Dollar Store occasionally. I keep lots of extra markers, my Seminary class goes through them quickly. That, for me, has been where the expense comes in. I also keep a bottle of the white board cleaner and tissues for the students to use.

    Thanks for your new ideas on how to use them.

  10. I found two-sided dry erase boards by the board dudes at Walmart, during the back to school sale, for $1 each. I only needed a few to teach my son’s pre-k co-op but they are fabulous. My kids use dry erase crayons on them (which is harder to erase than the markers but washes off their clothes) and, as long as I have a bottle of white board cleaner or windex handy, they come nice and clean.

  11. Sliding a piece of white cardstock into a glossy sheet protector makes a great white board. Sliding several pieces of cardstock in makes it even sturdier. I’ve seen teachers at the elementary school where I work use numerous creative white boards including many of those ideas mentioned. My personal favorite were the white range burner covers I saw one teacher use.

  12. Thank you for these ideas! I have little white boards in my class, but have never thought of the “draw the next word” game. This will be fun for my kids! Now I just need to decide if they are going to work as individuals or pairs…

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