Scripture Mastery Mad Gabs for the Old Testament!

Mad Gabs!

I have had several of you ask if there are Mad Gabs coming for the Old Testament

And yes… they are now ready and available for all sorts of gut-busting laughter!

Go to this post for more complete instructions and ideas on how to use this with your family or class.

Here is the Mad Gab PDF:  scripture mastery

* If you have the option in your printer properties, you could tell your printer to print it 2 to 1 sheets and then fold it over in the middle so the answers are on the back.

Go here for an entire list of the Old Testament Scripture Matery scriptures

Go here for the key word flash cards



  1. I shared this with my husband (who teaches seminary). He played with his class on Friday and said it was a huge hit! Thank you!

  2. Ok…this is great but do you by chance have some made for the NT? I’m not clever enough to even think of these so I thought I would just check…just in case! Thanks, Kerri

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