2017 LDS Youth Theme: Ask of God in Faith

2017 LDS mutual theme helps! There are SO many amazing helps to choose from! Teaching the theme helps, decor, a song by Hilary Weeks, a talk for youth, journals, REALLY amazing stuff!

For 2017 the new LDS mutual theme is James 1:5-6:  “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed”.

We have a team of amazing people working on some absolutely incredible helps for you so you can chooses the items that will best assist you in helping the youth make this a personal theme for 2017.

Our items will be available towards the beginning to mid of October.  Many things are coming together and we will offer them all at once so you can select the items of greatest benefit for you and your youth.  Some of the things that will be offered are:

1-  A Teaching Package – this package will help you teach the theme with power to the youth.  Help them truly understand what it means to “ask of God in faith” and how that can change the course of their lives, just as it did for Joseph Smith.  See pictures below to see what is included in this teaching package.

2-  A theme song by Hilary Weeks

3- An mp3 talk for youth by Anthony Sweat

4-  A special event decor package – this package is filled with printable helps for special events such as New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence.  It has banners, editable invitations, editable programs, treat bag toppers, placemats, napkin rings, candy bar sleeves, water bottle sleeves, photo booth backdrop and props, and more!  There is plenty for you to choose from!

5-  Class journals

6- Young Women Presidency helps

7- Young Women Program helps

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Here is what is included in the 2017 LDS youth theme teaching package:

2017 youth theme - Ask of God in Faith! This helps you TEACH the package and has such amazing ideas and printable helps! The Joseph Smith timeline is incredible and the handouts are perfect!

We spent A LOT of time on this teaching package and making certain that it really taught about asking in faith.  We used Joseph Smith’s story as our starting point and designed the rest of the package to reflect that.  We also used Elder David A. Bender’s talk, Ask in Faith, for much of the teaching helps.

The main poster with Joseph Smith kneeling in a grove of trees represents his humble beginnings (the log farm home) and the Kirtland and Nauvoo temple – representations of what Joseph was able to experience and accomplish because he asked of God in faith and then acted upon the answers he received.  This can help the youth not only learn about Joseph Smith, but also to reflect upon what their lives will look like if they continually “ask of God in faith”.

2017 LDS mutual theme: Ask of God in Faith. This Joseph Smith timeline is absolutely perfect to help the youth connect with James 1:5-6. Such amazing ideas!

We made an illustrated timeline of Joseph Smith’s life to help the youth visually see what can happen when someone asks of God in Faith.  They can see that Joseph started his life in a humble log home – a totally ordinary life.  He wasn’t the star of the basketball team, a concert pianist, he wasn’t wearing the latest high fashion trends, and he hadn’t traveled the world.  He had totally normal beginnings.  Joseph was simply a righteous, young teenage boy whom God had plans for.

As Joseph was faced with difficult life questions and was surrounded by a war of words and tumult of opinions (just as the youth are today), he read James 1:5-6 and decided that he must do as James suggests, to “ask of God in faith”.  That completely changed the course of his life.  The youth can look at the timeline and see how his life went from ordinary to miracle after miracle.  God had great things in store for Joseph, just as He has great things in store for the youth today.  As the youth reflect on the difference James 1:5-6 made in Joseph’s life, they can then reflect on the difference it can make in their lives.

2017 LDS young women theme: Ask of God in Faith. This teaching package has such amazing ideas to help the youth connect with this theme. So powerful!

In Elder Bender’s talk, Ask in Faith, he teaches about acting upon the answers we receive.  That is what Joseph did, and not just in the Sacred Grove, but over and over again throughout his life.  In fact, that is what the Doctrine and Covenants is a record of – a question asked, answers given, and then Church history is filled with stories of the saints acting upon those answers.  THAT is how temples are built (literally and figuratively).

Elder Bednar also discusses elements of asking in faith.  We have included all of this in an illustrated note sheet that you can give to the youth so as you learn together, they can keep notes and then take them home.

2017 LDS mutual theme: Ask of God in Faith. This bedside quote book is perfect to give each youth to help them really apply James 1:5-6 to their lives every day!

This teaching package also has this easy-to-assemble bedside quote book.  It is filled with amazing quotes about how to make our prayers more meaningful and powerful.  What a great thing for the youth to keep by their bedside!

2017 LDS mutual theme: Ask of God in Faith. This bedside quote book is perfect to give each youth to help them really apply James 1:5-6 to their lives every day!

This bedside quote book could also be a great activity for the youth to make for themselves.

2017 LDS youth theme: Ask of God in Faith (James 1:5-6) - these framed prints are perfect for the young women to keep by their beds!

We also have these mini posters (sized to 4×6) that would be perfect on the youth’s nightstand.  We did some looking for you and Ikea has a two-sided frame (see above) that is $.99 each.  It is the Tolsby frame and can be ordered online.  Since it is two-sided, the youth could switch the posters just by turning the frame around!

This teaching package will be available soon!

Here is what is included in the 2017 LDS youth theme special event package:

2017 LDS mutual theme: Ask of God in Faith. These are absolutely amazing decorations to introduce the theme or for New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence. The Joseph Smith timeline banner is so awesome!

We also have this incredible special event package!  It is filled with everything we could think you might possibly need (the above picture only shows some of the items).  Just pick the items that will best fit your special event.

New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence editable invitations that reflect the 2017 young women theme! So easy - just type onto the PDF and print.

Included in the special event package are editable invites and programs.  We have formatted the PDF so you will be able to type directly on it.  You will just need to type on your information and print!  We were also careful to be very ink friendly for your personal computers.

Young Women in Excellence spotlight/table activity for each girl. Such a good idea and goes with the 2017 youth theme!

We also included an idea you may want to use for one of your special events:  Young Women Spotlight Tables.  Just make these four mini posters  for each young woman and use binder clips as stands.  Then have her lay out things on a table that represent the subject of each mini poster.  This is such a great way for the young women to display what is important to them!

New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence photo booth that also goes with the 2017 mutual theme package. SO AMAZING - the girls would love this!

You will also get these photo booth items!  These pictures can make great memories, and are awesome for the young women to share their young women event on their social media platforms.


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