Creating a Spiritual Environment in Our Home (yw lesson 5 handout)

Years ago I went to a remote village in the mountaintops of Guatemala known as Senahu.

My friend had served his mission there and had gone back to the country for the summer, so some of us took the opportunity to meet him so he could show us this country he loved so much.  Part of our adventure was spent in this village where they speak a language called Q’eqchi’ and they live in very humble circumstances.  We pulled in on a Sunday evening to young men in white shirts and ties, walking through the narrow streets on their way to a youth activity.  After we checked into the only hotel, my friend took us to a home of one of the members he had served closely with.  Their home was  mostly a tin structure with dirt floors and an ingenious wood fire where the dinners were expertly prepared.  After arriving, I gave them a gift I had brought from the United States, which were several pictures that I thought the people in Guatemala wouldn’t have access to.  Some pictures of Christ, temples, President Hinckley who was the current Prophet, and others.  This lovely family took the pictures and immediately started hanging them on their walls.  Right next to the wrapping paper they had hung up, taken from a gift someone had once given them.

It was a humbling experience to see them value so highly things that I had in abundance.

My friend has since gone back to Guatemala and upon returning, let me know that this family named their new little girl after me.  How honored I felt!  And in my mind’s eye, I could see those pictures still on their walls, teaching them, reminding them, and helping them have a spiritual environment in their home.

Our environments matter.

We don’t have the opportunity to create many spaces, but when we do, we tell a lot about what matters to us and what we want to think about.  Walk into my home, take a tour, and you will be able to tell a whole lot about me.

Here is a handout to go with Manual 3 Lesson 5:  Creating a Spiritual Environment in Our Home.

Here is the handout:  yw lesson #5.docx


  1. What a sweet experience you shared and a great handout! Just wondering if you could share what the font is that you used on the worksheet, AND if you have a special program you use that makes these handouts so cute (i.e. the dotted font, curved font, dotted outlines and little picture inserts? I can see how it makes such a difference on your handouts, worksheets, etc.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions….I know you must be so busy!!!


    1. Dana- that is a great idea. I will start working on a post to show how to do this. I just use Word, but I use it every day and have learned how to manipulate things. I will try and figure out a way to teach others how to do this as well.

  2. I know your post is about environments but as I read this my thoughts turned to what I have been leaning towards focusing in on in my seminary class tomorrow – D&C 88:33. When I came across this scripture in my lesson planning it reminded me of a news story I saw soon after Christmas ’09. It was a report on the true worth of a gift. They talked about how if your great aunt gave you a knitting set that cost her $125.00 but you didn’t know how to knit and had no desire to knit and never used the gift – then the actual value for you is zero. After that news report it made me think about the atonement. I don’t know if deep in my mind I remember D&C 88:33. But lo and behold that verse is the Lord teaching the same principle as this news report. Anyways – look at how your gifts and your experience with that family was valued – they named a child after you! Wow! That is so wonderful. Now my mind is turning with new thoughts… like the more humble we are, the more we value the best gifts. hmmm thanks for this post. I know it will add to my lesson. Once again you have helped me! Thank you!

  3. My family is from Guatemala and I know exactly what you mean by how humble the people there really are. I used your handout for my lesson yesterday and the young women loved it! I loved how these questions really got them thinking about the role they play in the spiritual environment in their homes and future homes. Thank you so much!

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