My Heritage – YW lesson- The Red Headed Hostess


This handout is meant to go with the Young Women’s lesson on Heritage. Click here for the link to the lesson!

I love the idea of this lesson and I especially love the scriptures in it.  In my own personal journaling, some of my most precious pages are the ones where I am writing about what I hope my life is all about.  This handout is meant for the girls to reflect and record those same feelings after they have just had an experience with the scriptures listed in the lesson.

Here is the handout:  ancestor what kind will I be


  1. Oh this is a great handout. I’m teaching this lesson this week so I’ll keep checking back to see if the typo is fixed. Thanks! Love your site.

  2. Loved it. I have a binder that each girl can put handouts from the lessons and this will be excellent.

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