Understanding a Missionary’s Responsibilities. YW manual 3 lesson 20.

Here is a quiz that covers the missionary requirements that are covered in lesson 20.

You can see what the girls already know or at least their best guess…

The answers for 1 – 7 can be found in the lesson, as well as in Preach My Gospel.

It would be fun if you had stories, or knew of stories that went along with some of the questions.

And the last two questions are for the purpose of discussion to go with the lesson.

Here is the PDF:  Understanding a Missionary


  1. Hello Shannon- I have been literally “digesting” your blog over the past couple of days and I would like to shout out a great big “THANK YOU”!!! If I could I would give you a big ol’ hug right now!! The way you have shared your unique scripture journal ideas, print-outs and such have literally been an answer to my prayers. Just a few months ago I lost a little girl during my pregnancy. Her loss came after many battles (and years) of secondary infertility and several miscariages. I do know with all of my heart that this path of mine is Heavenly Father’s will… and that there is a plan and a purpose. I only share this because I have found myself needing that extra little spiritual boost from time to time. Your blog and ideas have been just what I am looking for. I can’t wait to immerse myself into some serious (and fun) scripture study. Thank You, Thank You! Keep it up…..I KNOW you are helping many!!!

  2. I loved the Missionary Responsibility Quiz, but it won’t open on Sugardoodle anymore, and when I try to print from your site, I only get a small version. Can you help? thanks

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